Where and how to track the bitcoin rate against the dollar?

Where and how to track the bitcoin rate against the dollar?

Bitcoin in relation to the dollar is the most popular pair on the crypto market. It contains bitcoin & mdash; publicly developed, without a specific owner, an asset available for general use. And the dollar is one of the more stable of all state currencies recognized by all. Both are applicable, can be used in a wide variety of areas. Therefore, a pair of bitcoin and a dollar is in demand and desirable for any trader.

How to track

Despite the volatility of the BTC/USD crypto pair, the crypto community is of interest, since its price fluctuations allow you to create various positions (short, long) and get tangible profits on this. You can track their price movement on a traded crypto exchange or (if it has little liquidity) use the chart and instruments of larger platforms. Since in this case the trader has access to more tools for technical analysis, indicators, charts, there are “ notification '' settings. about changes in quotes online.

Large platforms almost always support the exchange and deposit of fiat funds on the platform. This is very convenient when you need to make a quick decision, and time to find the right crypt (at a bargain price). And this is the ability to withdraw funds to bank, credit accounts, the ability to use leverage.

You can find out the bitcoin rate against the dollar for today using the data of economic sites that also support a review of cryptocurrencies. In this case, not only the cost for today is available for study, but also the percentage of changes for certain (manually configured) time intervals: day, week, month. Some of them cooperate with specialists and analysts in the field of cryptocurrency, and therefore present price forecasts for several years ahead.

The average cost from all crypto exchanges is taken for the calculation. The totality of the collected data and allows you to draw appropriate conclusions and projections. The value of such resources is that all analytics, apart from numbers, have a real explanation based on the news channel. The data covered is not an unfounded explanation of one's thoughts, but a well-grounded statement built on the facts of what is happening in the digital and real economic world.
Since these are no longer alien concepts for a long time, for the last 3-4 years they have been gradually intertwined with each other. For example, changes in the stock market have an echo in the digital and so on. This is explained by the significant financial investments of real funds in the development of virtual ones, plus the creation of a number of stablecoins supported by the values ​​of reality.

Why are different indicators by platforms

The value of BTC is determined solely based on the results of the last transaction carried out on the exchange or through the exchanger. Therefore, changes in quotes are a non-stop process and are available for tracking in real time. But as many have noticed, the course is often significantly different. The reasons may be:

  • the trading volumes of the platform and its liquidity: the larger the platform, the higher the trading volume and much lower on small ones. The difference lies in the number of turnovers carried out and is reflected in the results.
  • There is no fixed price for bitcoin in the world, it is completely decentralized, and therefore each plus or minus sets the desired boundaries for itself in the hope that someone will pay that much .
  • The movement of cryptocurrencies on exchanges is chaotic and difficult to keep track of & mdash; this makes it possible to keep price differences for a longer time than in the traditional market, and therefore a chance to earn more. Especially if you resort to using crypto resources that allow you to compare prices for selected exchanges and find more profitable rates.

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