When the holiday ended: is there life after the holiday?

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 When the holiday ended: is there life after the holidays?

Do you know the state after a vacation or long holidays, when life suddenly loses colors and tastes and becomes dull and insipid? As if someone turned off the color TV and now they are broadcasting a black and white picture?
This condition is called post-holiday depression and at least once in a lifetime it manifests itself in almost 80% of people. Moreover, the longer you looked forward to your vacation, the more carefully you prepared and planned for it, the brighter the impressions were, the more likely it is that the post-holiday syndrome will overtake you. Usually it is accompanied by a general depressed mood, irritability, and in some cases, people even have a fever and exacerbate chronic diseases.
Post-holiday depression occurs due to the fact that a person changes the situation too abruptly: it is not so easy to switch from an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasant impressions to a routine and a rapid work rhythm.
Moreover, it is not easy from a physiological point of view, because often the body needs to adapt to a different climate and change of time zones. And besides, during the rest period, the body got used to slowness and sufficient sleep, and the return to everyday life “by the hour” stress for him.
And with psychological – the abundance of positive emotions, vivid impressions and new landscapes leads to a state of euphoria, it is difficult to return from a fairy tale to reality. In addition, many people escape into a series of holidays and festivities from life's problems, mentally drawing a line between pre-vacation and post-vacation life, and upon returning to the routine, they find that the problems have not disappeared.
Post-vacation depression – it is not a disease or disorder, it does not need special treatment. Most people are drawn into the usual rhythm of life after 7-10 days, in rare cases, a depressed state lasts for several weeks. But this period can be shortened and facilitated in several easy and pleasant ways.
Holiday every day

 When the holiday ended: is there life after vacation ?

To begin with, you should let yourself feel that the end of the vacation – this is not the end of everything fun, easy and enjoyable in your life. Get out of the house more often, meet nice people more often, go to cafes more often. Or arrange a holiday for yourself for no reason. For example, go to some new place you've wanted to visit for a long time, or sign up for a course that you haven't found time for until now. Go to museums, galleries, movies, go out into nature, fill your life with bright moments, and soon you will feel that the vacation was also just one of those moments.

Color your life with bright colorsSPA without leaving home

 When the holiday ended: is there life after the holidays?

They say that routine actions are very conducive to restoring inner harmony. This is our comfort zone, which gives a sense of stability. One of the most enjoyable routines – This is cosmetic care. Pay more attention to yourself during the post-vacation period. Moreover, now it is especially necessary for our skin. Vacation and stress for her. Heat, flights, climate change, and our post-holiday mood is instantly reflected on the skin. The products of the leading Israeli company SeboCalm contain medicinal plants and essential oils and are great for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. All SeboCalm products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Add romance to your life

 When the holiday ended: is there life after the holidays?

Do you want to return the state of euphoria that you experienced on vacation? Make an appointment with your favorite – go to the cinema together, drink a bottle of good wine by the sea or have a picnic in the park, take a walk under the stars. All this – not the most original, but effective methods when you urgently need to get rid of the blues. A romantic evening immediately corrects the mood and leaves an aftertaste for a few more days. But the best romance – well-planned romance. Think over the plan of the evening in advance – check out which movie is worth watching, stock up on good wine and don't forget chic lingerie. For such a special occasion, choose a chic set from the new Jack Kuba collection that will reflect the conflicted nature of the female nature.

It's time to plan

that this is not your last vacation! Now is the time to start planning for the next one. Think about what you missed in this and what you would like to embody next time. Read different groups and travel reports for some tempting ideas. Look at what new destinations have opened up in various airlines, maybe this will lead you to unexpected decisions. And planning and anticipation magically relieves a bad mood.

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