When the Great post 2020: the date of commencement and completion of fasting in Ukraine

Коли Великий піст 2020: дата початку і завершення посту в Україні

Lent begins in March

In lent, Christians prepare for the celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. Within 48 days, believers need to fast spiritually, and should give up animal products. Read on and find out when it will be a Great post in 2020!

Great lent is also called Quadragesima. This period symbolizes how Jesus Christ was 40 days in the wilderness after his baptism. During this time he fasted and prayed. Great post 2020 will run from March 2 until April 18.

During lent should not only limit yourself to eating, to stick to restrictions, but to pray. Also, the priests are to avoid entertainment: trips to visit, cinemas, cafes, restaurants. Actively celebrate birthdays, name days and other holidays are also impossible.

Great post 2020: to give, when to fast

According to tradition, every year, lent lasts for 7 weeks. It is considered the longest period of the year when Christians abstain from meat and dairy products, alcohol and entertainment.

Each week of lent has its own special name and represents a specific event from the Bible.

  • First week (March 2 – 8 March) is a Celebration. First Monday of lent (2 March 2020) is called Pure. This day should refrain from eating. Also don’t work. Better to devote his time to prayer and spiritual purification.
  • The second week (March 9 – March 15) – St. Gregory. He is one of the most respected theologians.
  • The third week (March 16 – March 22) – the Cross. In the temples endure the cross – the symbol of Christ’s crucifixion.
  • Fourth week (23 Mar – 29 Mar) – Stredocesky. Wednesday celebrate the feast of the cross.
  • Fifth week (30 March – 5 April) – is Commendable. On Saturday, celebrate the feast of the Holy Theotokos.
  • Sixth week (April 6 – April 12) – Palm. Sunday is consecrated branches of a willow.
  • Seventh week (April 13 – April 19) – Good. This is the most severe of the week, all days are important.

Коли Великий піст 2020: дата початку і завершення посту в Україні

During lent we need to pray

The Holy week is especially important for the last four days:

  • Maundy Thursday (April 16) – a day of spiritual purification. Also, believers in this day clean the house.
  • Good Friday (April 17) – the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • Holy Saturday (April 18) – day of remembrance of the teachings of the Lord. Preparations for the celebration of Easter.
  • On Sunday (19 April) – Easter, the Resurrection of the Lord.

Rules and prohibitions in lent

Коли Великий піст 2020: дата початку і завершення посту в Україні

In the post do not eat foods of animal origin

On the first day of lent, Christians pray and repent, do not accept any food.

During lent believers refuse from food of animal origin. Meat, dairy products, fish, eggs are strictly prohibited. The strictest fasting days – Wednesday and Friday. Can’t drink alcoholic beverages, do not smoke. However, the Church advises not to limit yourself to food to sick people and young children.

You can’t fight, get pissed, and start squabbling, swearing.

It is impossible to organize events (weddings, birthdays, housewarming, anniversaries, etc.), attend fun events. Must be observed spousal restraint.

You can’t boast your post, to teach others, demonstrate pride.

You need to pray at least 1 time a day. It would strengthen the faith, will easily survive the limitations associated with the post.

You need to go to Church. In the period of Great lent should at least once to confession and communion. If the abstinence from food cleanses the body, these religious rituals help cleanse the soul.

Need to do good deeds, to support the old, the sick and the poor. They say that in this wretched world and help our needy dead relatives in heaven. You can feed animals and birds to give old clothes to orphanages to make donations.

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