When is an inexpensive laptop the best choice?

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 When is an inexpensive laptop – the best choice

Directory of notebooks – these are thousands of models and configurations that differ not only in operating parameters, but also in the price tag. By the way, the latter often becomes the determining factor that influences the buyer's choice.
The list of the following questions also becomes obvious. Is it worth it to overpay for expensive equipment? How good are inexpensive laptops? Who will suit the models of the budget price segment?
Who will suit itInexpensive laptop – doesn't mean bad. For a certain category of users, it will be the best choice, both in terms of functionality and, more importantly, the purchase price. By choosing an expensive model, you can overpay for features that you will never fully use. An inexpensive laptop will do:
• Schoolchildren • Pensioners • Office workers • Movie lovers • Internet users
An inexpensive laptop satisfies the needs of the average user who does not consider himself a gamer and does not use specialized software that is demanding on the resources of equipment.
That is, if you use a laptop for social networking, for working with office programs, for undemanding games of the past years – an inexpensive model will most likely suit you.
An inexpensive model – It is a good solution for schoolchildren and children. They won't be able to install and run most games and will use the device primarily for studying.
How it's different from the expensive onesMost of the differences between an expensive and inexpensive laptop lies in the “stuffing”, in the case. Top-end models usually have better – and the central processing unit and the unit responsible for processing video information.
Accordingly, they have better cooling systems, because processors emit a lot of heat.
More expensive models have more memory, both RAM and for storing information. Moreover, it is more modern and faster. As a rule, one or more hard drives act as storage, and not an HDD, but an SSD.
Also, the differences lie in the display matrix. If it is important for you to watch videos in the best resolution, with high contrast and color reproduction, the display of an inexpensive laptop may not suit you.
Appearance, weight and dimensions – this is a more subjective criterion. On average, more expensive models are lighter and thinner, so there are exceptions to this rule – netbooks. This is a category of very cheap laptops designed for basic tasks. They are small and independent.

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