WhatsApp and iMessage transmit user data to the FBI

WhatsApp and iMessage transfer user data to the FBI

The US FBI may ask the owners of WhatsApp (Facebook), iMessage (Apple) and the seven other largest messaging apps in the world to provide some user information.
< This is evidenced by an FBI document entitled `` Legal Access '', which was made available to the Rolling Stone. The document, which is an internal FBI manual, describes what data law enforcement can request the administration of the nine largest instant messengers in the world. Less “private” turned out to be WhatsApp. The application, which is used by more than 2 billion users in the world, can transmit information about the sender and addressee to the FBI every 15 minutes. We are talking about the list of contacts, blocked users, as well as the list of contacts that added this user to contacts. Apple's iMessage application also provides data about users to US law enforcement. The documents note that at the request of the FBI, the messenger can transmit basic information about the user, data for the last 25 days about search queries, data about who searched for him in the application. At the same time, neither WhatsApp nor iMessage do not pass the FBI information about the content of the messages that users write to each other. The publication also writes about such messengers as Signal and Wickr. They only provide the FBI with basic information about users. And Telegram will only share data if a terrorism investigation is underway against the user.

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