Whatever love was pleasant, it is necessary to know how to love sign of the Zodiac: for the soul, and to whom the body

Что бы любовь приятной была, надо знать как правильно любить Знака Зодиака: для кого важна душа, а кому тело

Zodiac sign is very much influenced by our behavior and character. If you don’t know why the man behaves, you just be enough to get his masterpiece, the protector and you immediately all will become clear.

If you suddenly fell in love and in complete confusion due to the fact that I do not know how to behave with the person, we will offer you a few secrets. To your attention an article which will tell you how to love different Zodiac signs. More interesting here.

How to love the Scorpion

“Nobody loves me!”, Scorpio says, and goes to lie down on the sofa. In nitschke he thinks woeful detailed thoughts — why not love what is not love, it’s not love.

Please, those who like Scorpio, remember — if he says his bad haircut, do not say — “nothing will grow”. Scorpio begins to mourn so that your heart is broken. Why? Because Scorpio is understandable that you, his love, allow the idea that in the hair/bald head, he is terrible. Terrible right here and now.

So, if you want to continue to love a Scorpio, I must say, you can’t fail to cut! You are the most beautiful! Always. Among all. The best. And God forbid you say “I love you some”. You what!! Scorpio does not happen “at least some”!

But you know, if Scorpio is confident that his love, it is better not to find. He is capable of everything and does everything better than anyone. He is demanding to himself and to you. And if you respond to his demands, then together you can form a very powerful Union, which the devil is not terrible.

And, please, your Scorpio girl or a boy, you know — it is very important how you look. You should be external and internal discipline, and do not expect that will hold up excuses in the style of “will do”.

Please, please, be quiet with him about sex, just do with him what you want and don’t be afraid of his resistance. Scorpios get tired of being always the strongest. And then look him in the eye and see how he can be happy and how generous. This is the most generous, in every sense, the sign of the Zodiac. Generous emotion, gratitude, attention, tenderness.

How to love Cancer

You know, he won’t tell you anything. And the first four hundred times you heartily forgive. And the 401 will gather their belongings and quietly cover up the door. So, please, be careful to Cancers. Do not expect that their armor protects them from wounds. With those whom they love, they are without a shell, and drive them back can only be your own thick skin. They are gentle. Very. And they are attentive. Very. You will quickly get used to the fact that on the table is your favorite kind of tea and in the morning politely and gently your love moves around the room, trying not to Wake you. They know how to be careful with loved ones, learn to respond in kind. For them to give the familiar than to take. So so hard but so needed something to cheer Cancer!

They can forgive you really everything except the lack of culture – in all its senses. You can be both got dressed, but not as horrible and horrible to say that you they will quickly disappoint you. Cancers are intelligent but undemanding to others, and would rather bypass the difficult places, people and situations than try to change something. So, if your Cancer is silent and you think you got away with it, you know — he looks and draws conclusions.

In sex they are ready to go to the most difficult and risky experiments, and you will require the same cold-blooded willingness, even if you’re shocked or something not ready. The result will be immense surprise yourself and him and your General ability to open up.

How to love Leo

Oh, he doesn’t stand criticism. But it’s the only character who, unable to endure the criticism, all the same to her very carefully and secretly from you listen. If you say to him — do not wear green, he’ll Regnet so that you will close your head. But after three weeks in his wardrobe will not remain a single green thing. Of course, if he thinks you are an authority.

Make your lion thought you authority, you need to be with him infinitely honest. If you go crazy, and spit curses at him, he will treat this with more respect than your silent obedience, which you, God forbid, was going to swallow the tears and resentment. He does appreciate open displays of affection, but here’s the paradox — perhaps more than he values restraint. He will treat you with silent admiration, if you see that you have kept a storm and clearly, point by point, he told him what you want.

And the Lions love affection — it is simply necessary. It’s hard to be a Lion, sometimes you want to go and to be scratched behind the ear. And to sharpen the ear of a Lion will need all his trust in you. Be persistent and severe, exacting and calm, be loving, but do not dare to Lisp. In sex to the Lions is not so much a physiological process as it is emotional surroundings — he must feel its influence on you, so listen carefully to his touch and whisper, listen to the entire skin. And always react honestly, though a little given way to the volume will be useful: if you die from pleasure, and moan. And if anger – growl. Louder! He needs to hear it. Silent, pseudoceratina being in bed cause of Leo Frank boredom.

How to love Libra

Libra, in General, creating quite boring, let’s imagine this admittedly. Boring and why? Because they have in mind is the invisible world of the book, which established their Vecenie rules. And if other signs of the Zodiac in this book are the penal code or collection of comics, then Weights it’s more like a book of recipes for Lihovarska convent. Nothing skoromnogo, everything is just vegetable from your kitchen garden, and a little beet tops as entertainment.

If you want to carry Weights, show them your “mental” book. Fake name if you really need one, instead of “Pornography in pictures” label “a Set of rules Suvorov military school”. Explain that generally the word “rules” the key for you in life. Tell Weights have persoarabic: your rules are the right ones. Let the record show. Then when they get used to record, gently show them the first Chapter. Tell me, what is this teaching the Suvorov military school. It is noble and helps digestion. And if they are too long and hard will weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, just tell them that you love them. Especially if it’s true. Then Libra will cry and trust you, even if you are a rascal. Or wretch.

As for the sex, then first you still have to marry in the Balance. Well, or to marry. It depends what sex they are. If you haven’t already done so, make no mistake – Libra no doubt you will do, and has already prepared the text of invitations. Only after signing it, you get these careful stubborn in a funny pose “Woman and man as a factor of the world revolution” where it is unclear who’s on top.

How to love archers

They do not complain. Almost never. They are dragging the whole burden of their problems alone, not trusting anyone. And because they believe that it is their own load and no one is obliged to help them. Around treading water close to the people, stretching out their hands to take part of the burden on yourself — but the Archers shoved their elbow. So they understand that you are in their life is not a random person, make sure they overheard you them to someone praise. It will become for them a real discovery: “Like, next to me a man who really appreciates me??”

Sagittarians are proud, but are masochists that a couple of months poramate before I tell you about problems at work or health, or just bury you in the shoulder. But if they do, make no mistake that it will always be. You have to tame them again and again and you’ll do it if Sagittarius you really need.

As for the sex, then softer and softer Sagittarius is not found, but from fatigue and alertness, it is not disclosed in full force. To provoke him useless. He needed a massage, just a caress, just tenderness and that you will light. If on the morning of Sagittarius, singing, and baking in the kitchen pancakes, and the night you did the right thing.

How to love a Taurus

Tentatively I assume that it is better to kill him immediately, but if you don’t raise a hand, will have to be patient. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. No, a little wider. Rest your feet stronger into the ground. A little bend. Look below at this moment, Taurus did not come back, otherwise nothing. It is a misunderstanding or half asleep, front? Great. Lean to him and firmly grasp the hands of his twisted horns. You are fighting for. Fight, I say! Don’t for a moment let go of your hand and Pat it on the soft velvet nostrils – you will have a perforation of the horn immediately. And don’t need to see him in a supposedly sad eyes – he immediately rolled out of there gentle big tear the size of your fist especially for razdalblivaniem and lull your vigilance.

Now very much push him on the horn so he stepped back. Let’s see how hard he rests a hoof in the roadside dust. You managed to make him retreat to the millimeter? It is an illusion. Your task – to make so that it is not pressed you back to something unpleasant, the type of fence. Push him on the horn softly and gently, but firmly and rigidly. You don’t know how to do it at the same time? Then you better disgraceful to run away right now.

So wait, fighting and not giving up, Ottawa bangs from his forehead, silent and don’t loosen the grip. Sometimes, to liven things up, might bend over to kiss him on the nose and explain that it means nothing. It’s a relationship with Taurus.

As for sex, there is still more exciting. You never screamed in rage during orgasm? You lost a lot. It can be ironed on the back. When he sleeps with his horns against the wall. If you want to after sex he told you a few kind words, breakup or shake it over the breast. What you’ll get, and affectionate words. By the way, he tries as best he can. I do not exclude that some Calves if handled properly can even cook you Breakfast in the evening if you poured water into a glass, cut the bread and put it all in a prominent place.

How to love a Capricorn

The main feature of Capricorn – its terrible secrecy. He’s under pain of death not admit that it hurts, cares and worries really are. The tenderness he shows, only if he thinks that saying goodbye to you forever. Talk about love for him so painfully hard that he gives the secret of the Cuban guerrillas, and if you are from him, it shook, it long then will avoid you and to be ashamed of. And why? Because Capricorn is actually terribly vulnerable, terribly delicate and obsessive passions. His devotion to you is not obvious, and you will encounter it in the most unexpected moment. Capricorn — one of the most loving signs of the Zodiac. Love for him is a massive undertaking that rarely happens to him, so he goes all in and completely, not razmenivayas on petty squabbles and infidelity.

If you’re in a relationship with a Capricorn, you are struck by the magnitude of the mutual feelings. This sign is not capable of the fine sex and passion, and sooner or later you will find that your relationship has carried away with itself, as in a funnel, the rest of your life. So if you have no plans love torments, stay away from Capricorn – he shallow to swim still will not work. And if you still need – do not give up. He’s stubborn, and more stubborn than you!

As for sex, the Capricorn may initially seem like a prude. Mate he hardly talks, victories on the sexual front, not showing off. But if you somehow trust, you will find that your sex was like boiling lava, scary, exciting and beautiful all at once. If Capricorn allow all that he himself had banned, you will see the element, which is reminiscent of the crazy storm – unmanaged and beating zippers exactly according to your erogenous zones. However, it needs absolutely nothing — to coincide with him in his fantasies and call it complete trust. How to do it? No recipes.

How to love the Twins

They are frivolous for one simple reason — because of the excessive romance. They are idealists, that if to hear the inner monologue of Twins, you will be amazed how much it looks like a monologue of a little girl or boy in the period of fascination with princesses, princes and dragons. Gemini always look at the world with expectation and curiosity, and always in doubt, whether around the corner for something more suitable.

To carry the Twins for a long time, you have to leave suddenly and with great cunning. Only in this case they are permanently distracted from proschityvaniya more romantic options, and turn on you eyes full of tears and silent question. Explain to them that they are the love of your life that is similar to their girl or boy you saw in your favorite book of your childhood, a story of princesses and dragons and can’t afford to dream risk associated with their levity. You went to rescue your love for him. This will impress them, and the Twins in your pocket.

As for the sex, for the Twins he doesn’t exist without the gentle and beautiful words. So if you, the great silent, learn even quotes from Shakespeare and whispering them in your ear during foreplay. Gemini will appreciate, and trust, and then will brag about it to friends and friends that you all like in a fairy tale. Sex Twins are not especially hot, but it will pass with time when they will be convinced that after the sex like relationship magic heroes. Then tenderness of the Twins will shock you to the core.

How to love an Aquarius

Aquarius is his own enemy. He doesn’t believe that love it just for what it is. He thinks that they need special services. Services he tries to measure in figures and facts of the biography, and your own list for it is always convincing. Therefore, the declarations of love he does not believe and bitter suffering, knowing partner in an unknown gain.

If you want to convince him, put him on the stage. Shame him. Tell him you suffer your disbelief, especially because the Aquarius can handle it. They snap at the most unexpected moment, nullifying all your efforts and for stubborn crease between the eyebrows can be determined that Aquarius again is very skeptical. It does not convince neither words nor deeds. It can only convince you in pain. Put the word out that you drink or shot, if Aquarius you’ve been rejected. While they themselves hide and wait. He perepletetsya downcast and guilty, in your love till the end still do not believe but accept that for some reason why you want to be with him. Vodoleya often hear from their moms: “What a fool you are, he loves you so much!” and say, “Oh, mom, I beg you, what a love!” So Aquarians suffer and torture loving their people. So if contacted, take courage and get ready for the fight of Aquarius with you and with myself.

As for sex, Aquarians are shy about their passions. And after a stormy night may become withdrawn to compensate for the body’s balance of tenderness and skepticism. If you are Aquarius will play along, he’d be more upset and decides that night it all seemed. So embrace the gloomy morning Aquarius and confirm all that was said and done at night. – the truth, and he hadn’t. For three days you will get a chirping, cheerful Aquarius. It will get easier. He’ll get to a good thaw.

How to love Aries

As the Bullock, the RAM is often better to kill, but if you really loved him, be prepared for the fact that you are always “better than him”. He has so much desire to dominate and control that he just will not give you really make nothing himself, and with a sigh, “all for you to alter,” the moves you do.

Humble. Wait a moment when Aries gets fucked. Offer his solution to the problem. Wait, when Aries fails in the third and the thirtieth time. Do not disturb it. After that, he will start you a little more trust, and your sense of guilt and frustration will decrease. If you are willing to always play second fiddle, your place is next to Aries. If not, then be prepared for the fact that Aries you will be hard to pursue, to understand why you are wedeles to his charms. Your credibility in his eyes fall, as soon as you lead. So even if you have a passion, just take it easy. Ten years you enough.

With regard to sex, Aries always knows what she wants and gets it. His passion is almost pointless and is not associated with a partner, fantasy are for him less important than the process itself. He is doing great with the physiology, so partners can be very different, and it is not connected with love and love. The passion of Aries is always dangerous and destructive to the partner, because Aries is demanding and not inclined to compromise. They make good fighters, and if you’re a masochist, go ahead. The whip will always be in his hand. He will take responsibility for your life, if you unquestioningly obey. The only time Aries tend to show affection when he’s sick. Then, maybe, you will be able to pet it and it will fade away on your breast almost like a gentle kitten. For about five minutes.

How to love a Virgo

Get yourself silver flatware and tablecloths to embroider a monogram. Fight with crumbs and dust every 15 minutes. Strictly looking at those who hold the wrong plug and drinks, not promaqua lips with a napkin. Condemn it. Your floors should Shine with cleanliness. Your clothes should be ironed.

And you still will not surpass the virgin. The only way to win her heart is infinitely to her to complain about. Virgo is the only one of the characters who see it as a desire to achieve her perfection. Virgo love to be perfect and you will be endlessly thankful that you are not indifferent to its imperfections. Her praise sparingly and skeptical mykita in response to her stories about the achievements. “You can do better!” – this should be your refrain. Then the time will be yours because everyone else is not pulling its strict scale of values. Demands and more demands — that is for Virgo symbol of your serious intentions. And only one thing you can be – gouging, select something harmless, such as the inability to immediately find the desired channel in TV or some stupidity in relationships with Yandex. May the virgin feel superior — it will be gentle and Pat you on the head.

As for sex, a virgin at heart a Puritan. All of your depraved fantasies implement in life very carefully. In any case, neither under the slogan “I want this so bad!”. But only under the slogan “We have to deal with it!” and “You can do better!” It stimulates the erogenous zones Virgo better than any foreplay. If you properly stimulate her, she will be the champion of any pornographic fantasies. Try only this time not to look at her face – there is inspiration or pleasure can easily see the sports focus. But this is forgivable because it does it for you.

How to love Fish

Never talk mate when you Fish in premarital Dating. Not to mention even the word “ass.” Show skepticism towards occultism and mysticism, but then, pushing the Fish aside, say the following phrase: “You seemed to me here the only person that you trust. The fact that I see the aura and it scares me”.

For the next six months Fish your. Inveterate agnostics they over of life become almost-psychics and believe in a Supreme being. And who does not believe in him? But the Fish are looking for evidence of the existence of the subtle worlds with all its fish meticulousness. And, in spite of an analytical mind, a bit childish hope that they are other worlds — magical, magical, we just forgot the door before they fell. Support Fish in this hobby.

In your life should be a philosophy, but it doesn’t have to be extreme sports. Needs to be traditional values and a bit otherworldly experience. Such a mixture of practicality and sober at the same time the tendency to mysticism will force the Fish to trust you unconditionally. They feel that things are not so simple in this world, the entire skin feel still some current reality, hidden, too shy to talk about it and therefore will welcome you into their lives as servants. If you look good and know how to count money, your Union direct course will incur serious water mutual novel.

As for the sex, then praise them endlessly. Finds new ways of the word. If you have them lose their heads – tell them about it. Then they will you want several times a day for many years. In bed there should be no laughter and humor. Pisces is the most serious in this respect, the sign of the Zodiac and the most gentle. Sex for them is a continuation of or ahead of love and physiology of sex sees them through a haze of your strangeness and the election. Fish are not depraved in essence, although they are sometimes a tribute to sex without a relationship to gain experience. Don’t agree to that – you will only convince them that you don’t need them.

Whatever it was, but only your heart will tell you the right way. We wish your relationship with your partner always was in harmony and understanding.

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