What women like men: revealing the secrets of seduction (photo)

Each of us wants to love her for who she is. However, thinking that I am that good and let the Prince likes me, can be a lifetime to sit in splendid isolation. In fact, men don’t owe us anything and, apparently, they are not going to accept us in any form, especially because they are few and not enough.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

So we have to focus on what women like men. This does not mean that you need to break yourself through the knee, in order to please strong floor, but some adjustments are possible.

General provisions

Of course, every man have their preference for women. Someone likes blondes, some brunettes, one thin, others plump. Someone attracted to very young girls, and someone is crazy about Mature ladies. As said before, “every product has a buyer”. But because each woman has a chance to meet her betrothed. At the same time there are moments without which it would be difficult to attract male attention anyway:

  • Visual appeal. Without it – anywhere, because men love with their eyes, and it is an axiom. But if earlier it was necessary to be born beautiful, but today, thanks to advances in the beauty industry become “the most charming and attractive” is not so difficult – it would wish. So what should be the woman to please men?

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

  • Body. It should be in good shape, and not to deter sagging of the muscles and Cluley crust. In addition, training in the gym will help to “forge” a figure, which is pleasant to the eye, remove the excess and add where it is needed.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

  • Hair. Men love long – for them it is a sign of femininity. Even if a short haircut suits you, think whether you win by cutting the braids.
  • Person. The right makeup can work wonders. It can be used to highlight attractive features and hide the flaws. For example, if you have beautiful eyes, be sure to make them focus. In the Arsenal of the modern woman a lot of cosmetic products that gently and unobtrusively turn the face in a better way.
  • Closet. Clothing also has the ability to positively affect the appearance, if properly matched by color and figure type. She doesn’t have to be expensive or fashionable, the key is to have decorated and was tidy. What clothes do men like on women? Men love the classics – this style is more feminine.
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Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

  • Confidence. No one would believe that a beautiful woman (even if she really is beautiful), if she does not believe it. Stiffness, shyness and inferiority complex – the path to indifference and neglect. You may notice, except that the same insecure men. To repeat myself: “I’m fine. Men beautiful. The sex is great” – and you will see how everything will change.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

  • Faith in the man. Women who know how to listen to and can inspire to great deeds, have always valued very highly. This quality for men is sometimes more important than outer beauty.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

  • Femininity. First of all, it means that you don’t claim to power and agree that a man should be found. So, in your behavior manifest such traits as emotionality, fragility, tenderness, sincerity, faithfulness. Rudeness and aggressiveness are excluded. These women want to protect and take care of them and make them presents.

Age, weight, height

Now let’s look at the statistics. To some it might boost your confidence, and to inspire someone to take decisive action to change its appearance.

So many ladies interested in the question of what women like to men: fat or thin.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

Beauties secretly hoping the ladies is a physique prefer to see the stronger sex. And the winner of slender figure is not doubt that the victory over them. And here have not guessed. Our men like them and others. But many fans are different. 20 percent for the full ladies, and 80 for slim. Thus, the completeness refers to a pleasant roundness, but not an excessive fat with every movement shaking like jelly. Therefore, when excess weight still have to work on a fix. Otherwise, the chances of privacy are reduced to zero. If you papouli only a couple of pounds and the waist, as previously seen, nothing to worry about. Other figure flaws can be hidden using ideally matched wardrobe.

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Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

Lately, thin, dystrophic models ceased to be the standard of beauty. It is therefore possible that the number of fans of donuts will gradually increase, and then there is skinny you will need to make special efforts to at least slightly increase their mass.

Is there any hope for those who are a little over thirty, and especially forty? That’s what worries women who are looking for the answer to the question women what age like men.

Thirty percent of men surveyed recognized the most sexy and desirable women aged 26-30 years. It is much more than supporters of any other age group.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

Girls 21-25 years prefer their peers. But men who have crossed the 25-year milestone, more look at middle-aged ladies – those who are from 31 to 35. They appreciate the experience and Mature femininity and sober look at the relationship.

Strange but true: a 40-year-old woman left behind 16-19 year olds: 9 percent vs. 4 – the gap is more than two times. So with proper grooming 40 years is quite promising for women age.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

As for women’s growth, the survey showed the groundlessness of the myth that most men like young women. But too high too early to celebrate. Although on the catwalks dominated by long-legged beauties, in the life of the great demand for women of average height. To them it is not necessary to reach and not necessary for them to bend over. In General men prefer women, the corresponding growth, but in any case a little below.

What women like men in bed

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No way to get around the issue of sexual attraction. For men it is the most important. It is the dissatisfaction with the behavior of his partner in bed makes them go left. It is therefore important to understand at least in General terms, what women like men in bed.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

What should be the woman in bed to drive him crazy?

  • Active. Leader in sex, of course, has a husband, but that doesn’t mean that we should lie down like the proverbial deck. The initiative really gets men, as a proof of their demand. And your passivity will be interpreted as indifference.
  • Liberated. Feel free of their erotic fantasies. Gently suggest to your partner what you would like – he would be happy to give you pleasure. Be open to experiments. Men in bed like surprise and novelty. Offer to have sex in an unusual place, try a new position, give him a Striptease session.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам: розкриваємо секрети зваблювання (фото)

  • Attentive. In bed it is prohibited to “pull the blanket on himself”. After the partner will shower you with kisses – for you. Take care to make him feel loved and desired. In addition to physical caresses, do not be redundant and saying how good he is and how you nice to be near such a man.

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