What were the 250 vaults announced by the District? | THE UNIVERSAL

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What were the 250 vaults announced by the District? | THE UNIVERSAL

Due to a collapse in public cemeteries, clinics and hospitals due to the increase in deaths of patients with COVID-19 in Cartagena, last June the District announced the construction of 250 vaults. Read: District Recognizes Public Cemeteries Collapsed; will build 250 vaults

Two months later, in August, the Director of Logistics Support, Didier Torres Zúñiga, reported that these works would be ready in November and would include adjustments in each of the four district cemeteries. Read: In November 250 vaults would be ready for the district cemeteries

This Friday, The universal he consulted the district office on what the announced vaults were.

Support Logistics clarified that the initial date was not met because the bidders who presented did not meet the minimum requirements to be hired. He reiterated that 250 vaults will be built, distributed according to the space available in each cemetery and according to the technical study of its engineers and architects, as follows: 108 in Albornoz, 65 in Olaya, 71 in Ternera and 10 in Tierrabomba.

He reported that “at this moment we have progressed 60% in the first three cemeteries where work began, which are: Albornoz, Ternera y Manga. Today (Friday) work begins in Ternera and Tierrabomba ”.

Regarding the works carried out, the agency pointed out that in the Manga cemetery, “with the painting of bars, the contractual obligations were finalized, which included the construction of vaults, painting, painting of bars and pedestrian crossings.”

De Albornoz indicated that “painting and corrective and preventive maintenance have already been done to the enclosures. In addition, a three-meter-deep excavation is being carried out for the adaptation of a common grave, where the remains of the people who have not yet been claimed by the relatives would be organized and identified ”. The construction of 108 vaults continues.

In Ternera, “we are working on the construction of the 71 vaults to continue with the enclosure, pedestrian crossings and painting,” said Apoyo Logístico.

He stressed that “it is expected that by Monday, December 20, we will have all the cemeteries ready, however, the hiring is until December 31, therefore we are in the legal delivery times.”


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