What ruined Desi Dobreva’s family?

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What ruined Desi Dobreva’s family?


The new presenter of BNT Desi Dobreva stayed on the screen for only a few weeks and hastily parted ways with the show “Music without End”, which she hosted from September 15. The decision belongs to the producer Milen Ivanov, also a singer, albeit a folk singer, Dobreva explained. “I’m not on the show because the producers decided to change the form and it became a mini-concert that doesn’t need a host,” said the singer, who announced that she was preparing a new song.

She was inundated with letters from viewers wondering if she had fallen ill, so she decided to reassure them by admitting that she was in great shape. More critical viewers are pleased with Dobreva’s decision to leave the screen because she was too familiar with her guests and drew attention to herself instead of letting the invited stars talk. The blonde sang along with “Tonika” and the Argirov brothers, asked endless questions, even at one time did not leave the stage and music lovers wondered who to watch and listen to her or the great Bulgarian performers.

Dobreva is trying out for the second time as a host of BNT, after her star rose in another show “The Show of Fame”. She has some experience in running a “Flight over the night” night block, created by Hacho Boyadzhiev. At the height of her fame, created by her nightly presence on the BTV screen, Desi left Slavi Trifonov to study singing in America. She remained a good friend of Dalgi and is an integral part of his concerts, perhaps because there were never any sparks between the two.

Like Slavi, Desi is unlucky in love, although she is not only very nice but also a great housewife. She recently published a cookbook in which she described her favorite recipes, and can often be seen closing pickles or spinning cabbage.

Dobreva married in 2006, and shortly after her daughter Alena was born, she and her husband divorced. According to the singer, the decision was his, although the same year I spread a persistent rumor that she was the mistress of a famous politician. A little later, Desi ran for office. First he was part of the tsarist party and wanted to enter the European Parliament, and in 2013 he led the list of the New Alternative party of former military minister from the triple coalition Nikolay Tsonev in his hometown of Varna.

She and her husband Martin have known each other since childhood, he was a classmate of her sister. After the wedding ceremony in the sea capital, they lived there. Despite the great love and friendship that unites them, family life proved difficult because of the constant compromises that the beauty had to make. The fact that the singer works like crazy to make money also brought tension to their home and the two quickly ended their marriage.

The daughter Alena is entrusted to the care of the grandmothers, and the vocal singer ran on tour. However, she complains that Martin does not take care of her child, but he does not lag behind and counters that Dobreva does not have time for Alena to participate. The little one is a musician, plays the piano, sings, but has also trained rhythmic gymnastics and athletics. It is important for the mother to become a good person, so she does not want to plan her path, writes “Years have passed”.

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