What kind of work is more harmful: at home or in the office?

Back from work – so, finally, relax. So says most people. But it is actually just the opposite!

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh examined 113 men and women who work full time.

Each provided detailed information about how many hours of working, what is the level of their responsibility and what kind of chores they do after work.

The subjects were daily measured blood pressure during the day to track its changes at work and at home.

The results showed that on arrival home the pressure people have been raised.

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The findings, published in the journal psychosomatic medicine, scientists allow to assume that the load and stress from thinking about how to cope with it, causing an increase in pressure.

In addition, some domestic problems really bad for the heart: for example, cleaning, cooking, shopping centres, service and repair of cars, paying bills and family budget.

Many parents are unable to agree among themselves to allocate duties to care for children, and it also causes them stress.

Household chores increase systolic readings by as much as 4.4 points, taking care of the house and repair vehicles for 2.64 and pay bills for 1.66.

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Although some studies show that vigorous classes at home can be beneficial for the heart, scientists believe that the recurring nature of these Affairs is in the body is not the most positive reaction.

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In a report on their findings, they said, “household chores are routine and almost never rewarded, so the stress of them not less than from the office.”


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