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Pair match registration bonus – rozmіr vinegorody, yak yogo otrimati Bookmaker's Office Pari Match is one of the most popular not only in Ukraine, but also in rich European countries. In order to get more new players, the bookmaker offers a bonus for registration to its new clients. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible so that you can get a Pair Match registration bonus and how you can get it.

Pair Match Registration Bonus

For registration at the bookmaker's office Pari Match leather new koristuvach can be deposited on a free bet from the bank up to 300 hryvnia. If the bonus is available more than once, because you already have a bookmark with your bookmaker, then you can’t take it away.
Pair Match through the official website or mobile add-on.

  • Make a deposit of at least 100 hryvnia within 7 days after the registration is made.
  • Maximum bonus amount is 300 hryvnia.
  • If you win a bunch of clumsy people, you can start winning a freebet.
  • How to win a freebet for registration

    Vineyards are back to back on the bonus account of koristuvach and it is not possible to withdraw money. To transfer the pennies to the main account, the bonus must be paid. To win a bet match registration bonus, you need the following number:

    • Minimum allowable coupon rate is 1.5. Both pre-match bets and live bets are allowed. You can stack pairs of the following types: ordinary, express, system.
    • The denomination of the pair that is stacked is responsible for adding to the amount of the removed bonus wine. Do not redeem coupons, as they took the return with a coefficient of 1, and start selling rates. Selling rates are not subject to change, as the coefficient of sale is 1.5 or more, you can also find out here: http://budjzdorov.org.ua/krashhi-bukmekerski-kontory-ukrayiny-za-bagatma-parametramy.

    Win a bonus wine city next 7 days from the moment of withdrawal. If the grave is not invested in this term, the bonus will simply burn out. Bonus pennies cannot be redeemed at the casino, but you can only work on bets for higher minds.

    Other features of the bonus wine for registration with the bookmaker Pari Match:

    • If you want to save money for the account after the deposit made by him, and before the bonus wine is raised, the bookmaker's office should give the better in the bonus amount. If the promotion is not a no-deposit one, then it’s not possible for him to deceive the bookmaker.
    • If you transfer part of the money from the account in the bookmaker’s office to the account at the casino, the administration of the bookmaker can write off the bonus pennies. To avoid such a problem, it is recommended to consult with the technical support service before the operation. #39;it is necessary to go through the verification procedure. For this, it is necessary to submit a photo of documents confirming the person (passport, confirmed water).

    Varying moments, you can most effectively award the bonus wine city for registration with the bookmaker's office Pari Match.

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