What is metabolism?

METABOLISM (metabolism) is a complex process of converting food calories into energy for the human body.

Що таке метаболізм?


METABOLISM (metabolism) is a complex process of converting food calories into energy for the human body. Metabolism begins with digestion and ends with breathing during sleep, when the body without the brain and completely offline provides itself with oxygen.

It is important to note that from a scientific point of view there is no such thing as a “metabolic rate”. The reason is simple — it is not clear what and in what units it is necessary to measure. Accordingly, the metabolism can not “overclock” — as it is impossible to understand, slow metabolism or fast.


If the body will send signals that the level of activity increased dramatically, while energy intake from food decreased, the body begins to save energy. As a result of the processes that can be described as the slowing down of the metabolism. In simple terms, the person will become lethargic and sleepy.

In this case, when return to old eating habits the body will strenuously to store fat, trying to prepare for a future shortage of calories. Disadvantage lies in the fact that the longer (and more often) repeated attempts of losing weight, the better it will disrupt metabolism.


The only way to accelerate (or normalization) of metabolism is the combination of regular exercise with power by 15-20% power. In fact, the body will spend energy on preparation of the body for the upcoming physical stress by storing calories in muscle, not fat.

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In addition important is the fact that the higher the muscle mass, the more calories spent on her support, even at rest — which is the rapid exchange of substances. Therein lies the Central paradox of metabolism is high metabolism is needed for weight and not for weight loss.


If you want to get rid of excess weight, but not ready for regular physical workouts, it is better to focus on a reasonable diet in the long run it will be more effective. First and foremost, you need to give up of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.

Remember that if you discipline your body to spend additional calories for physical activity, your metabolism will adjust to the increase in appetite. However, when you stop these loads, the appetite will remain the same, and the extra calories will go to fat stores.

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