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Usually, when a person goes to another country for permanent residence, he is an immigrant. But if a Jew or a descendant of a Jew comes to Israel – then he returns home. Repatriated. And so the state helps him settle in a new place. A person receives various cash gifts and payments, assistance in arranging and renting housing. Various benefits.
And most importantly among all this – the “absorption basket” (“sal clita”).
What is included in the “absorption basket” and who is entitled to receive it – The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration tells.
The assistance is provided as a livelihood for the duration of the Ulpan (for 6 months) and includes housing rent for the first 12 months of living in Israel. “Basket of Absorption” issued to all repatriates, regardless of their country of origin and other data. Anyone who has the right to repatriation and carries it out – is also entitled to the “removal basket”, subject to the following conditions. Who is eligible for the Absorption Basket
Repatriates who came to Israel for the first time on a “repatriation” visa or those who applied for repatriation after arriving in Israel. Repatriates, subject to their continuous or total stay in Israel no more than 24 months out of the three years preceding the receipt of the status of a new immigrant or equivalent to it. Eligibility period for an “absorption basket”
Returnees are eligible for an “absorption basket” within 1 year from the moment they received the status of a repatriate. Traveling abroad is a reason for stopping the “absorption basket” payments.
​​​​​​Right to Renewal of “Removal Basket” Payments have only those repatriates who return within the first year from the date of repatriation. To resume payments, you should contact the branch of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration in your place of residence.
The procedure for paying out the “absorption basket” For those who are repatriated immediately from the country of origin, the first payment of the “absorption basket” is made in cash at the airport building immediately upon arrival in Israel. For those who receive the status of a repatriate while already in Israel, the first payment is transferred to their bank account.
Further payments are made in the form of 6 monthly payments.
Please note!
In order for the payments to be credited to a bank account, you must open a joint account for both spouses in any of the commercial banks in Israel and provide bank account details to the branch Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.
More about the “absorption basket” You can read it in Russian on the website of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration at the link

Below are the current pay tables

 What's in the

 What is included in the

New repatriates of pre-retirement age are persons who, within 5 years from the date of repatriation or obtaining status repatriate who has reached retirement age

 What is included in the

 What is included in the

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