What is added to coffee in the cold season

Що варто додавати до кави у холодну пору року

What to drink coffee to not get sick
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Doctors told what is best to drink coffee in the fall and winter to avoid getting sick. This option will suit those who love to cook a really special coffee.

Researchers from the University hospital in Iran said that the usual morning coffee with a delicious application can help to cure after infectious cough.

And unexpected ingredient was honey, which helps prevent colds or flu, and ease their consequences. The fact that after the illness, the cough can still remain for several days and weeks, but don’t necessarily need it to remove medications. It is understood that self-medication and excessive use of medicines have serious consequences.

Що варто додавати до кави у холодну пору року

Coffee with honey improves health / russellhobbs.com

But coffee with honey helps to improve health, and it was confirmed by the experiment with the participation of nearly one hundred volunteers, which were divided into three groups: two of them were addicted to various drugs for cough, and the third is a mix of coffee with honey. It was in the latter significantly decreased the frequency of cough and improve immunity.

Therefore, physicians are advised to give preference to safe and tasty drink options and not to seek self-medication against cough. Note that in any case you should consult with a family doctor.

Що варто додавати до кави у холодну пору року

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