What important financial rights are hidden from health insurance members

 What important financial rights are hidden from health insurance members

Tamara, a patient with Parkinson's disease, has received constant support from Bituah Leumi for about 3 years with metapellets due to limitations in her daily activities, including dressing, bathing and moving around. She has Bituah Siudi long-term care insurance through HMO through Maccabi. But Tamara didn't know about it!!! She did not know that she was entitled to receive payments of about NIS 4,500 per month under the insurance policy, “hidden”; from her as part of the membership fees she paid to the health insurance fund. The reason is that she never received a policy from a health insurance company or an insurance company. This happens to many who have policies. “Secret” policy was disclosed by Tamara by accident, after reading a professional article of our firm, and she filed a claim with the insurance company to receive payments. However, due to the fact that Tamara did not have the necessary information, she applied for payments to the Phoenix insurance company, to which the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund transferred the insurance policies of its patients only from 2019. Therefore, Tamara Fenixom's claim was dismissed because her insured event occurred while Maccabi was working with the previous Klal insurance company, which insured her and other members of this health insurance until the end of 2018.

After receiving a refusal, Tamara turned to the Meira Zohar Law Office for help, the advantage of which is that we provide professional legal assistance. Clients pay a fee for work only if their problem is successfully solved, which means that there are no costs or payments until the money is received from the insurance company. Meira Zohar's Law Office filed a bilateral lawsuit on behalf of Tamara against both insurance companies, which, after a quick mediation process, agreed to pay Tamara a lump sum of approximately NIS 80,000 divided between them and a full monthly allowance of approximately NIS 4,500 before the end of the period stipulated polisom.

It is worth noting here: “Bituah siudi”, which are “hidden” in policies, ultimately still require direct interaction directly with insurance companies, even if these are collective insurances through Kupat Holim. This fact is of decisive importance!!! And the task is not always solved without a lawyer who is a specialist in this field, with the right connections and “armed” professional knowledge.

To give an example: Roman, who suffers from severe heart disease and kidney failure, is a member of the Clalit Health Insurance Fund. He had no idea about the “hidden” insurance company “Arel” “Bituah siudi”, which he pays as part of the membership fee inside the insurance issued through the health insurance fund. Roman approached Meira Zohar's law office for help with his private policies, but he didn't know that in addition to private insurance, he also had Bituah Siudi long-term care insurance. through Clalit. When he was given this information, Roman was extremely surprised. As a result of the work done, after a few months, he began to receive double monthly assistance, approximately 9,000 shekels, both through private insurance and through insurance taken out through the health insurance fund, and he will receive them for 5 years under two policies.

It is important to know that especially these days, sick people need money, and the insurance company must pay him, and Meira Zohar's law office is ready to solve problems immediately.

It should be noted that the Meira Zohar Law Office has been working with Russian-speaking Israelis for many years and represents their interests throughout the country, and knows how to help the insured as safely, quickly, efficiently and correctly as possible. The office is headed by experienced lawyer Meira Zohar, who for many years has specialized exclusively in Bituah Siudi insurance. for long term care. Lawyer Meira Zohar works directly with each client, there is no need for a team of “accountants”, “experts” etc. This greatly simplifies the legal process for insured sick people.

Meira Zohar's Law Office succeeded in securing a positive decision in a very important class action lawsuit against 4 insurance companies, which relates to Bituah Siudi's private policies. You can read about the subject of the class action and other legal successes of the firm at www.law-ru.co.il

Meira Zohar's law office achieves maximum cash payments for its clients without unreasonable costs and without no obligation.

The main office is located in the business center of Bnei Brak. But IMPORTANT NOTE that the office staff works all over Israel, from north to south, INCLUDING EILAT, and can help you solve your problems.

Call: 03-5622772, 050-9929120 , 050-7756772 (we speak Russian).

The fee for the work is paid only after the successful solution of the problem.

Our website in Russian – www.law -ru.co.il

Our website is in Hebrew – www.la-w.co.il

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