What if the nail has grown in the finger?

“We have a problem: my son (15 years) the nail on the big toe began to grow into a finger. He was silent again. Then look – limp. Asked to show what happened: finger severely inflamed, swollen on one side, began to fester and very sore.

Earlier similar has happened with him a few times, but never a finger was burning so much.

Immediately made him a saline solution to “bring out” the pus from the wound. He hovered a foot a few times, but it’s not very helpful. Tell us what to do? It is possible to do something at home or need surgery? I’m afraid that the inflammation began to spread. “

Cases when the nails grow into the skin folds on the sides of toes or on the hands, really, can provoke very strong inflammation and severe pain. In addition, many people who have faced this problem once, from time to time it can be repeated again. Often the nails “grow” on the big toes. In medicine ingrown nail are called onychocryptosis.

Ingrown nails can be due to various reasons. For many people this is due to the fact that they incorrectly cut the nails (more on this discussed below). Another reason could be narrow (tight) footwear, in which the fingers experience a lateral pressure.

Ingrown nail most often occurs in athletes. According to experts, frequent ingrown nails in fingers, they may be associated with injuries of the nails and because during sport the feet sweat a lot and skin folds on the sides of the nail becomes softer and consequently the sharp edge of the nail can “punch” it.

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Another cause of ingrown nail (especially newborns and infants) may be the irregular shape of the nail itself.

Later in this article, we show you what you can do if faced with the problem of “ingrown nail” you or someone of your loved ones.


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