What he was talking about brad pitt, getting his first acting “Oscar”

О чем говорил Брэд Питт, получая свой первый актерский “Оскар”

What he was talking about brad pitt, getting his first acting “Oscar”
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The actor made a joke about trump, he remembered the youth and confessed his love to children.

Last night eligible “bachelor” of Hollywood brad pitt for the first time became a laureate of the award “Oscar”. He received the award for “Best supporting actor” for the role of cliff booth in the movie “One day in Hollywood…”. Judging by the way pitt rushed to the scene with the statue in his victory he had no doubt. The actor said, quietly acceptance speech for 90 seconds without violating the timing of the ceremony.

Wow, thank you. It’s incredible, really incredible. Thank you Academy for this honor. I was told that I only have 45 seconds, 45 seconds longer than the Senate granted John Bolton in the process of impeachment of the President of the trump. So I think maybe Quentin should make a movie about this, when adults at the end doing the right thing, – said pitt.

This is really about Quentin Tarantino. You are original, addressed to the Director of pitt. – You are the only one of its kind. Without you the film would have been much more dry, and I like the power of the spirit, which you gave cliff booth (character pitt in “Once in Hollywood”). Looking for the best in people. Expect the worst but look for the best. Leo, I’m going to ride in your jacket any day, man. You look fantastic. And the rest of the actors, the crew, the big “bad” Bob Richardson, Robert Garcia, Richie and my buddy Mike Mo. Hi, I wanted to tell you that you know why I do it. I think it’s time to pay some attention to our strukovym the coordination and commands.

I’m a little stunned. Although, I’m not one of those who looks back, but it (the statuette of “Oscar” – Ed.) made me go for it. Now I think about my people who taking me by car to see the film Butch and Sundance. I loaded my car and moved here. And Gina and Ridley give me my first chance to meet along the way remarkable people, to one day stand here and now in Hollywood, isn’t it.

This award is for my kids who will color everything I do. I love you, – said the artist.

The ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar-2020” was held at the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles. The award for “best film” for the first time got the picture in a foreign language – “Parasites”. Joaquin Phoenix became “the best actor”, and Renne Zellweger was awarded the statuette in the category “best actress”. “Oscar” for best actress the second plan presented to Laura Dern.


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