What fate to expect and how to find love: divination in the evening Catherine

7 Dec, unmarried ladies, wondering at his fate, pregnant women pray for light delivery.

Якої долі чекати та як знайти кохання: ворожіння у вечір на Катерини

Among a wide variety of women’s holidays, since ancient times celebrated Ukrainian women – the Day of St. Catherine, reports Rus.Media. 7 Dec, unmarried ladies, wondering at his fate, pregnant women pray for light delivery. BA, and the guys stealthily make for the future of women.

On the day of Catherine the ladies gathered for vechornytsi. For this they chose the house, and thus the hostess of the future of the festival. All products were brought together. On the table was served a variety of dishes, but the preference of soup and porridge. No frills was not allowed, because it lasts Pylypivka, advent. To join the meals, and the boys, though only after the girls finish the wonder that is late in the evening.

As the girls “called” destiny

Since the day Catherine called the day of the maiden of destiny, each girl tried not only to identify it but also to see, to talk to her. So in the evening svertuvas mysterious ritual – “zazyvanie” fate. He had several options. The most common — when a girl secretly from his family cooked a pot of porridge from millet and poppy went to the gate or the crossroads, and three times screamed: “fate, Destiny, come in for dinner!” Believed that fate may come, or to respond. Sometimes she spoke: if secret girlish divination watched someone from neighbors, relatives, he could answer: “I’m coming!”, or if angry at the girl, then say something offensive.

Maiden fate foretold soup

Interesting was the option that happened at parties. In the evening the girls cooked soup and porridge (the most ancient of sacrifices that dominate all the rites), put them in a pot-padwick, wrapped it with a new towel (symbol of marriage), turns out to gate (window, threshold, gate in rites symbolize the boundary between the earthly and the heavenly world, between the present and the future) and holding a Cup, and three times screamed destiny.

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Not by chance that the gate played a significant role in the Tarot of Catherine, Andrew, for the New year. The most typical of them — hugging the raft. The girl hugged the raft, as he could grab with his hands, and then considered the stakes. If an even number, that is its pair, will be released on the same year married. If odd — will remain on the shelf. Considered another way: “a Widower — well done.”

Who will drop the last count, and getting married. It was also such a divination. The girl is blindfolded, she takes the tape and goes to the fence, said stakes, and one of them (third, fifth, or eighth) ties with a ribbon. And then unleashes eyes and sees the stake, which is tied: it’s sleek, smooth, or curve, knotty. So, will groom young, slim and beautiful, or old, silly. And yet — if is smooth, then poor, and when in the cortex, rich.

You can listen to fate?

Interesting divination for the day Catherine. After dinner to go outside and as close as possible to approach the Windows of the nearest house to hear what talking to the owners, and already by the nature of the conversation to determine their own destiny.

Objects-symbols in the tradition of the Ukrainians

Guess the maiden fate helped symbolic items — a handkerchief, ribbon, ring, doll, cross. One of the girls is laid out on the table and covered dishes so that no one else could see. Then each in turn came and lifted one of the plates. If it will be tape, another year to sit on the shelf, if the ring, then get married, if you come across a handkerchief — is a single mother, and if the doll — the baby, when will it be the cross, dying… And to guess the wealth of her future husband, poured in a bowl, some cereal and threw gold, silver and iron rings, pull a destiny and choose.

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If the party was about a lot of girls, their fate decided boots! It boots, moving them one by one, measured the house from the Desk to the door. Whose boots will come over the threshold, and the first she gets married next year.

More serious were the magic associated with fire and water as symbols of male and female

To guess in what direction will marry the girl poured into a bowl of water, broke the two halves of the nut, removing the seed, put in the shell, lit the candle and let the “Shuttle” water in the middle of the bowl. Sometimes he’ll swim in the direction in which it is necessary to the girl, sometimes Vice versa, or standing in place. Sometimes the girl is allowed two “pumps” — for themselves and for their beloved, and with bated breath, watching them. Sometimes, spinning their invisible force around the circle, in different directions, then one, and at the end, or will converge or diverge and stop, that’s the end of divination!

Also wondered at the shadows. Crumpled paper light it and hold against a white wall, the silhouettes of the shadow guess his future destiny.

The boys were not inclined to divination as much as girls. However, on the eve of Catherine, they fasted, so God sent them a good and beautiful woman

On Catherine’s girl-navdanya midnight carried on the ancient family tomb, a beam of immortelle, would her destiny not died (it was like something in her enchanted spell).

Cherry branch as a symbol of women’s happiness

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Our grandparents, when they were girls, hoping for a happy marriage, wondered at fate. It was on St. Catherine cut a few cherry branches, put them in water in the house on the corner. If before the New year (Holy Malanka) on 31 December (old style) or January 13 (new) cherry has bloomed, it meant that the girl will soon marry.

Parabita also not lagged behind girls: broke cherry twigs and put them in the jar until Christmas. If the cherry branch was developed, but did not bloom, this symptom indicated that the groom or bride will be modest, unremarkable. Whose branch was dried out, so had a bad couple: lazy, grumpy and ugly.

In General, in our time, everyone chooses to believe or not to believe in enchantments and divination. However, keeping up with ancient Ukrainian traditions, the girls from the editorial office of the news Agency Volyn news and myself decided to “take a chance on happiness” and put several in a vase of fresh cut cherry twigs. And every peek will be what the cherry will bloom. Besides, cherry blossom winter portends good fortune, it is also a great aesthetic pleasure. Because every woman loves to contemplate the flowers and inhale their fragrance, and each believes that her happiness is very close.

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