What drinks to drink in summer to quench their thirst

Какие напитки пить летом, чтобы утолить жажду

Summer is approaching, and all the inhabitants of large cities, one question arises: something to quench your thirst?

Experts in one voice say that the best beverage to quench your thirst than water, simply do not exist. Her drink in the heat, protects you from headaches, improves vitality, mental activity and performance. But with regard to mineral water, it is not so simple: medicinal mineral water must be used very carefully, only after consultation with a doctor, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to clutch.ua.

If plain water is too boring for you, add to it the sliced lemon and fresh mint to get a refreshing natural lemonade. Only it is not necessary to add sugar — so my thirst will be difficult.

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What do you prefer to drink in the hot season?

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