What does the whole royal family of Great Britain watch on TV

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 What the whole royal family of Great Britain watches on TV

The wife of Prince William's royal grandson, Kate Middleton, has revealed what show the British royal family always watches. Marie Claire writes about this.

According to the Duchess of Cambridge, Buckingham Palace annually monitors the international song contest “Eurovision”. And in 2022, British representative Sam Ryder took second place in the competition.

Speaking at the Platinum Party at the Palace a few weeks later as part of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, the singer met the royal family.

According to Ryder, Kate Middleton was “so cute” and even told him “that the whole royal family supported me for a while throughout Eurovision.”

“I realized that many members of the royal family saw Eurovision and supported my song from home, and that means a lot,” he told People.

In addition to Eurovision, 96-year-old Elizabeth II loves to watch various reality shows, including the British “Dancing with the Stars”.

Recall that Queen Elizabeth this year celebrated her Platinum jubilee on the throne.

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