What does OSAGO cover in 2023?

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 What does OSAGO cover in 2023?

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In order to resolve road accidents in the most peaceful way in Ukraine, a policy of civil liability of land transport owners has been introduced — OSAGO. The insurance covers the damage of the victims on behalf of the culprit of the accident. Without it, the driver is forbidden to drive, as well as without a license or registration certificate. For driving without a valid contract, a fine of 425 UAH is provided. Plus, the culprit is waiting for the payment of the loss of the victims out of his own pocket, which is much more expensive than the cost of the policy itself.

Electronic insurance operates in Ukraine, which greatly simplifies the process of issuing OSAGO. You can buy a motor vehicle policy in 5 minutes from your smartphone in any convenient place. The finished contract is sent to the client's email, and is also pulled into the “Diya” mobile application. It is officially allowed to confirm the presence of an E-document from the screen of any gadget (clause 2.1 of the SDA).

To make sure that OSAGO is valid, you can make a request to the database of the Motor and Transport (Insurance) Bureau by the insurance number or vehicle number. The base is open to both the police and other users. Avtograzhdanka covers the responsibility of the driver of the accident to the victims. That is, the insurance company of the policy owner compensates for the loss, thereby removing the financial burden from its client. But at the same time, OSAGO does not cover the personal loss of the insured, since this is not his competence.

For OSAGO you can get:

  • funds);
  • Coverage for life and health (treatment of the driver and passengers).

The amount of damage is determined by independent appraisers or the insurance commission.

However, there are situations when the UK has the right to refuse payment. Then all the costs fall on the shoulders of the culprit of the accident.

  • The driver was in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • The driver drove the vehicle without a driver's license of the appropriate category;
  • The driver left the scene of the accident without permission;
  • The car has technical malfunctions;
  • The driver did not report the accident to the insurer within the legal deadlines.

The payment under OSAGO is not rubber. There are limits that are regulated by the Law “On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Vehicle Owners”. In 2022, the financial limits for OSAGO were increased by 23% and today they are:

  • UAH 160,000 for property;
  • UAH 320,000 for life and health (for each victim).

If the insurance does not fully cover the damage, the culprit pays the difference — missing amount. This can be avoided by issuing an additional voluntary DGO policy, which expands the possibilities of an auto citizen up to UAH 1 million. Both policies work in tandem and together guarantee the peace of mind of the driver during a force majeure.

To accrue payments, you usually need to submit the following documents to the UK:

  • Europrotocol (if you used it when registering an accident);
  • Internal passport and individual identification number:
  • OSAGO policy;
  • Registration certificate;
  • Revisits of your bank;< /li>

Within 10 days from the moment of the accident, the injured party must present the damaged car to the insurance company for inspection. Until an expert assessment, vehicles cannot be repaired. Otherwise, the UK may cut or even refuse compensation. One of the problematic and weak points of OSAGO is that compensation is often not enough to completely repair the car. It is important to know that the insurance company pays compensation taking into account the wear and tear of the car if it is older than 5-7 years. So, if the amount of the payment does not cover the cost of repairs, the rest of the amount can be recovered from the culprit of the accident, but only with the help of the court.

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