What do the stars promise? Horoscope of the week from October 4 to 10 – Apollo.lv – Horoscopes – Free time

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What do the stars promise? Horoscope of the week from October 4 to 10 – Apollo.lv – Horoscopes – Free time

Various partnership issues are being addressed this week. If you have your own business, then cooperation partners can develop something unpredictable. Make sure that there are really problems and that you understand each other – it is possible that mistakes in correspondence or documents or the same situation are treated differently. Also, in communication with colleagues, tense issues should be pronounced very slowly and precisely. But in general, the work will go hand in hand and you will be satisfied with the state of the bank account. In private life, sincerity and the feeling that there is a person you can count on. If, however, there is any misunderstanding, then the frame should be spoken.

Directness and openness sometimes harass, but sometimes disarm. No matter what Sagittarius can say, it is impossible to be angry with him for a long time and he himself does not have an evil mind. If a dispute arises, try to adjust immediately and do not act as an arbitrator in foreign scabies. At work a lot of responsibilities and feeling that the days are too short. At the weekend, you definitely deserve a good rest. Club, party, romantic adventures. Treat yourself to a pleasant purchase – good

perfumery, jewelry, stylish accessories. If you have children, you need help with your studies.

Positive and optimistic mood. For a while you want to troll a fun tune and ride a convertible, motorcycle or scooter so that you can feel the wind in your hair. There is such a pleasant feeling of inner freedom and do not allow any ugly people to disrupt it and spoil the mood. You have to work well at work, but it does not require any effort from you. Will also notice to help colleagues, give very valuable advice. There may be some turning points and misunderstandings in private life, but a cordial conversation will help to put everything on the shelves. From different decks and adventures, keep as far as possible.

Those who work are cared for by their work – such is the saying of Latvians. Responsible responsibilities have once again been shouldered, you have not yet coped with your work when a colleague in a hurry with questions and a request for help. This is a time when you can strengthen your authority, get a good growth and career offer, and increase your income. Someone has a salary supplement, someone has a bonus bonus, someone has a new cooperation offer. Do not sit at home in your free time, as “rubbing” and small disputes can occur. Better to organize a beautiful walk in the golden autumn or a picnic with grilled delicacies.

The smart, smart, affectionate Pisces will once again be reluctant to save the world – maybe a friend or girlfriend will have to hear and listen, maybe a relative will have to help. People will be grateful for your care, and those who do good will return to it. The work will succeed, but suddenly it may turn out that there is a lack of professional knowledge. Most likely – in connection with modern technologies. Search the web for information, sign up for online courses. As they say: shame is not to know, shame is not to want to know. The new information will definitely come in handy.


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