What dangers can await us in the pool? Proven on guard of your holiday

 What dangers can await us in the pool? Proven guards your vacation

What could be nicer than spending a hot sunny day by the water? In Israel, there are many places for such a holiday: sea beaches, water parks and, of course, swimming pools. Unlike the first two options, recreation and sports in the pool are available all year round. Swimming is recommended for everyone – both kids and adults! This sport is good for joints and spine, strengthens muscles, and it is absolutely safe even for pregnant women.

But sometimes the catch comes from where you don’t expect at all: in public pools, various viral and infectious diseases, for example, fungal ones, can lie in wait for us. Onychomycosis — this is a fairly common occurrence, the most common fungus of the nails and feet. The nails begin to flake off, yellow spots appear, and the nail plate gradually lags behind.

The disease is easily transmitted from one person to another by contact or through shoes. In addition, fungal infections are dangerous, also because not all carriers are aware of their disease. This is due to the fact that during the normal functioning of the immune system, the fungus may not have external manifestations for a long time. In short, even the most responsible pool visitors can become a source of health troubles.

Of course, you should not be afraid and deny yourself the pleasure of spending time in the clear blue water of the pool, but it is important to take measures to exclude infection with the virus or fungus.

If you wear open rubber flip flops in the pool, no one will guarantee that you will not be able to get infected. It is better to buy closed rubber slippers. Most importantly, don't step barefoot on the pool mats and always shower with antibacterial products and dry your feet and the creases between your toes after your visit.

But even in the event that you become infected, you should not be upset and discouraged. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment can quickly solve this problem. In 2021, a unique new generation product “Drops for the treatment of diseases of the nail plate Proven by yullia” appeared on the Israeli market. It effectively fights against all types of fungi, onycholysis, other diseases of the nails and eczema of the foot.

Proven is the result of a long and careful work of Israeli experts, based on practical experience gained over more than 20 years history of yullia premium beauty salons and yullia school.

 What dangers can await us in the pool? Proven guards your vacation

Based on natural ingredients, drops contain components such as jojoba and tea tree oil, vitamin E, eucalyptus oil. The formula also includes menthol, which normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and absorbs excess sebum, reduces irritation and redness, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Tea tree oil is a strong natural antiseptic, it normalizes oily skin, relieves it of local inflammatory processes. Eucalyptus oil promotes the natural renewal of skin cells, giving it a healthy look.

The product has been clinically tested in the well-known international network of laboratories J.S. Hamilton, specializing in microbiological and chemical research in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. As a result of research, PROVEN drops received the official “Clinically tested” mark.

It is important to note that the product is absolutely safe for everyone, including pregnant and lactating women, as well as diabetic patients. After many dermatological and hypoallergenic tests, Proven Drops have been approved by the Diabetes Association and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

No animal testing has been done during development and testing.

Drops are produced in Jerusalem under the strictest control, according to the standards of the International Organization for Standardization ISO and with the approval of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). GMP, which means "good manufacturing practice", — international standard that defines the requirements for the release of medicinal products. GMP Standards — these are not just wishes for production, but strict requirements. By using medicines or products of companies that have a GMP certificate, you can be calm about your health.

For those who are afraid to waste money and end up with a problem, there is great news. If the remedy does not help you, you will get your money back. 100% of the amount! Of course, if you follow all the simple recommendations for use.

You can learn more about the drug, purchase it and familiarize yourself with the terms of a possible refund on the company's website in Russian

https: //proven-israel.com/?utm_source=Pr&utm_medium=april_swimenpool

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