What could make a man of extreme cold?

Our body is not designed to adapt to extreme cold, and stay in such conditions without protective equipment can lead to really terrible consequences when the word “freeze” becomes the ultimate meaning.

Що може зробити з людиною екстремальний холод?

Subzero temperatures and wind — a very dangerous combination for the human body, reports Rus.Media. Our body is not designed to adapt to extreme cold, and stay in such conditions without protective equipment can lead to really terrible consequences when the word “freeze” becomes the ultimate meaning.

Here are the main ones:

1. Freezing the cornea

If you’re outdoors in cold weather while running or walking, your eyes to tear, reducing the freezing point, and it flashes regularly will maintain the visual organs in working condition. But if you like an active holiday doing winter sports, spending a lot of time in the cold with the wind in your face — do not forget about safety glasses.

The experts recommend to warm up the frozen eye with a warm hand or through compress, but it will not help to avoid short-term blurred vision. In addition, under the influence of wind and cold to the eyeball can stick contact lenses.

Usually, my eyes defrosted to the time when the victim goes to the doctor, and any damage usually heals within several days or weeks. But in severe cases can lead to loss of tissue that requires reconstructive surgery.

2. Freezing skin, muscles and tissues

Unlike eyes, your limbs can fully freeze, which you can fall or even lose a leg, ear or finger.

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Frostbite is not only a burning or tingling of the skin, but often affects the muscles, tissues and fat under it. The risk is especially great if your clothes does not match the weather. When the temperature drops below -40 °C, skin could freeze within a few minutes.

The longer you are exposed to extreme cold, the greater the likelihood of freezing bodies to a condition that requires amputation. This applies not only to humans but also animals, which in winter is having a hard time, despite their fluffy coat.

If the frostbite is spreading inside the body, there is a threat of life.

3. The “disabled” body

The human body is adapted to maintain the internal temperature at around 37 °C. Any deviation causes serious problems, and when the body temperature begins to fall, there comes a hypothermia or hypothermia.

Lowering the temperature to 32-35 °C starts the process, which is accompanied by constant shivering, fatigue, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Cooling of more than 32 °C is called moderate hypothermia. In this case, the victims breathing slowed down due to hypoventilation of the lungs, and their actions resemble alcohol intoxication, with poor coordination and slurred speech. Termination jitter is a worrying sign.

When the body temperature falls below 28 °C, increases the risk of death. Looking at a person in such a state, you’d think he was already dead. Approximately on the same level there is a loss of consciousness, pupils dilate, and breathing and heartbeat become a little noticeable. Severe stage of hypothermia requires immediate resuscitation.

4. Confusion

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Rarely, but it so happens that people who die from hypothermia in the last throes off all your clothes. There are stories that tell about whole groups, which were found dead and completely naked on the hillside, and their clothing was stacked neatly nearby. Sometimes the police mistakenly takes such pictures for robbery.

Hypothermia weakens the faculties, and confuses the mind. In the later stages slows the blood flow and blood vessels dilate, causing the victims think that they are like flames, although in reality their body is rapidly losing heat. As a result, they shed clothes and will doom themselves to death.

Another strange reaction to hypothermia may be the so-called “burying behavior”. Scientists believe that the human brain under the influence of cold is activated autonomously process, like the instinct of animals, which before winter digging their own burrows. The last effort poor try to protect their body, the maximum buried in the snow.

5. Turning into a mummy

If the person died where the frost is strong enough and his body is unlikely someone will find, over time it likely will become a frozen mummy.

George Mallory, an Explorer of mount Everest, went missing in 1924. The team found his body in 1999. Most of his clothes were torn, but frozen under her flesh surprisingly well preserved. In 2004, tourists at the border with Italy and Austria found the preserved bodies of three Austro-Hungarian soldiers, who were in the glacier since 1918. This is not the limit. In Italy at the height of 3200 meters as a result of melting ice was discovered the mummy of a man from the stone age era, was the name of ETCI. Although the form of this body cannot be called pristine, without cold conditions from it would be nothing but bone.

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To have those horrible nightmares don’t come true, remember about security measures during the stay in the cold and the practice of winter sports, especially in the coldest parts of our planet. Choose the right clothes, don’t neglect protection and are serious about notifying the authorities about extreme weather conditions.

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