What are the types of filters for water purification

What are the types of filters for water purification

There are so many different options on the modern market of special systems for water purification that it will be very easy to get lost among them without finding a suitable solution.

It is worth starting with the fact that all filters are divided into:

1. filters for household water purification;
2. filters for drinking water purification.
< br /> Varieties of drinking filters

Drinking filters make it possible to significantly purify drinking water. At the same time, it is also important to be able to choose among different models that are capable of providing different degrees of cleaning. Among the main varieties, it is worth highlighting:

  1. flow filter;
  2. membrane filter;
  3. jug filter;
  4. reverse osmosis system.

In this case, a filter jug ​​is considered the least effective and simple solution. It is also the most affordable. The highest level of purification is optimal for drinking water, so for these purposes it is best to use the most effective reverse osmosis system. It makes it possible to drink water even without boiling, due to the fact that the liquid gets rid of 99% of harmful impurities.

Filters for basic cleaning

These types systems include flow-through and special filter jugs.

Filter jug ​​has 1 & ndash; 2 cartridges, which make it possible to get rid of large impurities and make the water suitable for consumption and cooking. After it, no scale remains during boiling. It also helps rid the liquid of oil and heavy metals. Most often, special cartridges are used in such filters, which are created on the basis of activated carbon. That is why they are able to positively change the taste properties of water, and also make it more transparent.

Among the advantages, it is worth noting mobility. Such jugs can be taken with you on any trips, because most often their volume is only 1.5 – 2 liters. These filters have a very simple principle of operation, and they have a relatively low acquisition cost, which allows you to get all the benefits of starting filtering with a relatively low final purchase price.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the need for frequent maintenance, which must be performed about once a month.

In-line filter Consists of 1 & ndash; 4 cartridges. It works on the principle of forcing running water through special cartridges that retain foreign impurities and chlorine. If there are several cleaning steps, this will still not be enough to neutralize the microorganisms. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the fact that it is possible to change the cartridges in the filters only once every six months. It should be borne in mind that the degree of cleaning will be medium.

Filters for deep cleaning

Membrane filter is a special system of 3 & ndash; 4 cartridges. Due to the presence of a special fine-pored membrane in such systems, it is possible to purify water not only from large impurities, but also from some viruses and bacteria. This filtration method makes it possible to avoid boiling.

Of the advantages, it is worth highlighting the fact that the water is disinfected. On the negative side, it is worth noting that the filter is not able to remove scale, and it still remains on the kettle. Even if you equip this system with a special softening module, this solution will not be 100% effective. Since the ion-exchange resin used in this cartridge has a very short service life and, accordingly, this filter element will require frequent replacement.

The reverse osmosis filter is the most effective system for water purification , simultaneously removing all possible impurities that are present in the water.

Of the advantages, it should be noted that after such a filter, the water is as pure as possible. Of the shortcomings & mdash; the cost of such equipment, because it is the most expensive of the presented. All types of water filters can be ordered here. Also in this online store you can not only buy a water purification system, but also order its installation and service.

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