What about Queen Elizabeth’s health? She missed an important event!

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What about Queen Elizabeth’s health? She missed an important event!

Princess Kate and Prince William have many responsibilities as princely couple. The couple recently took part, among others. they attended the Glasgow climate summit, where they attended official meetings, also met with scouts and attended a party with key members of the Sustainable Markets initiative, as well as the winners and finalists of the first Earthshot Prize.

Recently, Princess Kate and Prince William also appeared at the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It is an annual concert that precedes Remembrance Sunday, and the princely couple has been participating in this event for years. Not only do they opt for dark clothes then – all guests from the British royal family choose dark and black clothes to keep the seriousness of the event and fit in with the calm, serious atmosphere.

It was similar this year – as you can see in the photos, both Princess Kate and Prince William, as well as Prince Charles, Princess Camilla and Princess Anna dressed in dark clothes.

Queen Elizabeth has recently been troubling her subjects with her state of health. She was seen in terms of a cane, the media reported – doctors forbade her favorite drink and riding. The queen also resigned from several recent events, including from the COP26 climate summit and a visit to Northern Ireland – all because of her inferior well-being. This time she also left the event and spent the night in the hospital.

According to the Palace, the queen is to appear on November 14 for the Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph:

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