What a Muscovite did when she caught her Nigerian husband with his mistress

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 What did a Muscovite do when she caught her Nigerian husband with his mistress

In Moscow, the wife caught her husband with his mistress and called the police to the apartment. To get revenge, she turned in her ex with drugs, according to the Baza telegram channel.

The most unfortunate evening in the life of 28-year-old Christian from Nigeria happened on October 19th. On that day, he decided to take a chance and called his mistress to him while his wife was not at home. In the evening, the wife unexpectedly returned and boiled from what she saw — the woman decided to take revenge on a grand scale. She called the police and told them that Chris kept marijuana at home.

The operatives called witnesses, and the guy showed where he had the drugs. Unfortunately for the police, there was not enough marijuana — only 0.8 grams. According to Russian law, this did not amount to a criminal case. Christian was taken to the police department and an administrative protocol was drawn up against him for drug trafficking. The guy faces a fine or administrative arrest, and if the police prove that he treated his mistress, — also a criminal case on sales.

And after — a long and unpleasant divorce process.

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