West Nile virus reaches Israel

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 West Nile virus has reached Israel

The Ministry of Environment has reported that mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus have been found in Israel.

vaccines for humans, said Dr. Hamza Habib Allah, senior coordinator for pest control at the Ministry of the Environment. — In healthy people with a strong immune system, it should not cause serious complications and resolves as a mild illness with weakness and muscle pain. But in the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, the disease can cause meningitis and even death. There have already been such cases.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection in the north of the country and in those areas where breeding centers have been found, monitors areas that may be breeding centers for mosquitoes.

For protection, Israelis are advised to use insect repellants, protect their skin with long clothing, turn on fans indoors, install nets on windows and doors.

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