Well-known scientist predicted time travel

Известный ученый предсказал путешествия во времени

Voiced theory is based on the latest discoveries of science.

The scientist who argued in favor of the fact that time travel is real, relied on the concept of wormholes, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

Ethan Siegel assures the Forbes blog “Starts With A Bang”, time travel is quite real, using “some interesting properties of the space.”

The scientist takes into account the concept of wormholes, which are considered by some passages, through which one can travel not only in time but also in space. He added that in our Universe there are certain quantum fluctuations in the fabric of time and space.

Astrophysicist convinced that, if the wormhole will stay on for quite a long time, through it will be quite possible to move specific particles. In this case, at one point, the particle will disappear and immediately appear in another. But in order to be able to move the person, must be very much work to do.

In order to move a person, you need to exert more effort. Creates several black holes with different energy and a couple of wormholes.

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In this case, one wormhole will be very fast moving, and the second is to remain in place. A year later, the second will be for only a year, and the first for about 40 years. If you go into the stationary wormhole, you can be in the last century, for example in 1979.

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