Well-known presenter sues MAU

Известный украинский ведущий подает в суд на МАУ

Well-known Ukrainian leading is not allowed in the plane to Kiev.

Presenter and blogger-interviewer Anatoliy Anatolich intends to sue the Ukrainian Aviakompania MAU (Menards avaln Ukraine). Not for the first time it with the ticket refused to let aboard the plane, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to lime.apostrophe.ua.

As said the lead on the personal page in Instagram, after another incident he was not sorry for trial neither the time nor the means.

“I have a ticket in hand could not get on the plane because my ticket was not in the priority group of passengers that fly with a stopover,” he said.

According to him Anatolich, in previous times he was able to get on Board, but by a lucky chance, or ties.

“The first time I flew into the Dnieper a couple of years ago I was put on a plane on call. In the end, I was flying in place for flight attendants. The second time I hit the “resale”, I was lucky and two people didn’t get on the flight and I barely got a seat. And that’s the third time not lucky,” the leader continued.

When the master could not fly from Moldova to Kiev to get to important shooting he had on the car.

“MAU, you are not professionals, and in this case, when you send me, the person with the passport of Ukraine on h*R, you are still and asshole. I sincerely wish you soon to close and not to dishonor the name of my country,” he added.

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Your post summed up the leading intention to sue the airline to court.

Известный украинский ведущий подает в суд на МАУ

Известный украинский ведущий подает в суд на МАУ

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