Wedding in Prague – trust us with your dreams!

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 Wedding in Prague – trust us with your dreams!

Call us 24/7 now! 052-5696580 Wedding in Prague, – and immediately the outlines of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe appear before your eyes. this is a solution to a sore Israeli problem.
A few words about the history of the issue.
A wedding in Prague, like any other option for a foreign marriage between citizens of our country, or between a foreigner and an Israeli, is recognized as a legal family union, after the legalization procedure in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (in the case of a foreign spouse).
There are no civil marriages in Israel. Wedding in Prague, Cyprus, Georgia, etc. – this is a response to the imperfection of Israeli law and the dictates of the religious establishment.
A wedding in Prague answers the needs of those citizens of our country who cannot combine legal family ties in their own country. This situation has developed because in our country there is only a religious marriage. That is, either to a chuppah, to a church, or to a mosque, or, excuse me, not at all!
A wedding in Prague, first of all, will solve the problems of those couples in which one or both partners are not Jews, from a halakhic point of view , and, consequently, they cannot get married in our country.
At the same time, the wedding in Prague – solution for those Israelis who have chosen a foreign citizen as their life partner.
The opportunity to sign abroad, and, in our case, this means choosing a wedding in Prague, will also provide an opportunity to register a formal union for other categories of our compatriots. Without going into too much detail here, we can only note that weddings in Prague – this is also a response to the request of such categories of Israelis as the descendants of kohanim who want to start a family with divorced women, our-agunot – women whose husbands have been missing for many years, etc.
With a wedding in Prague, the status of those couples that are defined in Israel as partners in civil cohabitation with each other also changes. The official marital status after the wedding in Prague, of course, contributes to the fastest possible process of naturalization of foreign partners in the Jewish state.
Wedding in Prague – it is, in essence, today, a kind of civil marriage, de jure does not exist under our hot sun. Wedding in Prague, among other things, – this is undoubtedly a trip to one of the most interesting cities of the Old Continent. In addition, holding a wedding in Prague – ceremony, not burdened with unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles. The whole thing happens quickly, according to a pre-worked out scheme.
That is why our agency, which has been organizing weddings in Prague for many years, often recommends this option for formalizing marital relations to our dear clients.

 Wedding in Prague – trust us with your dreams!

2. Wedding in Prague. Obvious advantages of such a solution

Wedding in Prague – it is the choice of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as the place of their marriage.
A wedding in Prague for a future married couple can be held both in the Old Town Hall, which is a unique cultural and historical site, and in the New Town Hall, in one of the more modern districts of the city .
Prague is really beautiful, moreover, at any time of the year. You just need to remember that when organizing a wedding in Prague, partners must take care of setting the date of the wedding ceremony in advance.
The Czech capital, in itself, – a city with a huge historical and cultural heritage. There is something to see and where to go. Therefore, without falling into grandiloquence, we can safely say that a wedding in Prague for two lovers will be a real holiday.
However, a wedding in Prague – this is not only a journey along an interesting and popular tourist route. Of course, first of all, a wedding in Prague – this is the official registration of the marriage union and the receipt of a marriage certificate by the couple.
As we noted above, a wedding in Prague – this is a long-established registration procedure and the wedding ceremony itself.
An important advantage in favor of holding a wedding in Prague are the prices for air tickets, accommodation, meals in cafes and restaurants, and other services.
When scheduling their wedding in Prague and allocating a budget for it, a couple may also take into account the fact that the final costs for a ceremony such as a wedding in Prague will be even lower than expected.
Wedding in Prague – this, of course, is also a whole series of preparatory actions, the most important of which is the collection, reclamation, translation and legalization of all the documents necessary for this.
A couple can always find out a complete list of all the documents required for preparing a wedding in Prague during a personal consultation with our specialists.
Usually we are talking about the birth certificates of both future spouses, their passports, extracts of marital status and other documents.
So, summarizing what has been said, let's summarize the obvious advantages of choosing a wedding in Prague:

  • Wedding in Prague – these are moderate prices, speed of registration and long-established relations between us and the Czech side.
  • Wedding in Prague – this is a trip to the heart of Europe in one of the hottest tourist destinations.
  • Wedding in Prague – it is an opportunity to choose a rich cultural program on site. Theatres, restaurants, bars, nightclubs – all this is widely presented in Zlata Prague.
  • Wedding in Prague – this is a solution to the marriage problem, a new marital status of the couple and, in the future, its legalization in Israel.

3. Israeli naturalization after marriage in Prague

Wedding in Prague – for many couples, this is the beginning of the naturalization of a foreign spouse in our country. Such a procedure is called “STUPRO”.
A wedding in Prague, as well as registration of a foreign marriage in general, makes it possible to significantly speed up the time required for this multi-stage process.
Of course, without getting married, you can also start STUPRO, but the result, in this case, is achieved more difficult and over a longer period of time. In addition, a wedding in Prague, that is, a painting abroad, and the subsequent stages of STUPRO lead, in the end, to the receipt of an Israeli darkon by a foreign spouse.
Without concluding a family union, in our case, without a wedding in Prague, it is impossible to count on obtaining Israeli citizenship.
Without registering a relationship, a couple can only hope for a permanent residence permit for a foreign partner, no more.
A wedding in Prague significantly reduces all stages of STUPRO in time and practically guarantees the final of the entire passport of the State of Israel for a spouse from another country.

4. Unique wedding in Prague

So, your wedding in Prague can take place both in the city itself and in the picturesque castles and palaces surrounding the Czech capital.
Wedding in Prague – it is also a chance to get to know the other side of the city – romantic and even mystical.
The Charles Bridge is probably known all over the world, hung with various locks and locks that lovers leave as a symbol of the strength of their union. A couple in love will want to come there after the completion of all the ceremonies of their wedding in Prague.
We have already mentioned the Old Town and New Town Halls. Both of these buildings are magnificent architectural monuments. And, of course, holding a wedding in Prague emphasizes the uniqueness of the place where you will seal your relationship with your signatures for many years.
The famous complex of buildings built in the baroque style so beloved by people from the former USSR, called Clementinum, is also recognized as an object of world cultural heritage. In the Middle Ages, it housed the Jesuit Collegium, which convicted witches and sorcerers.
Today it is the National Library of the Czech Republic. And, if your wedding in Prague takes place exactly there, then, of course, you will forever remember not only the events of one of the happiest days of your life, but also the situation surrounding you on that day.
When planning a wedding in Prague and the Czech Republic in general, it will probably be interesting to know that there are over 2,000 castles in this small country. Some of these castles work not only as tourist attractions, but also as a place where you can order and hold your wedding in Prague.
The Czech capital and its historical center were built in different periods of European history. Your wedding in Prague can take place in a Gothic castle, in a Baroque palace, or in a more modern building, built, for example, in the Belle Epoque Art Nouveau style. late nineteenth century.
Wedding in Prague – this is a chance to visit the night clubs and discos of the Czech capital, which are famous all over Europe today. Nightlife in Prague is rich and intense, and today it is not inferior to cultural life in this indicator.
A wedding in Prague and the trip associated with this event can be just days of relaxation and disconnection of two lovers from everyday reality. However, we need to restore strength, and food plays a paramount role in any, even the smallest trip.
Here is the time to talk about Prague prices in cafes and restaurants. They will pleasantly surprise you if you compare them with our home-made Israeli prices.
Probably, there is no need to talk about how tasty and hearty Czech cuisine is, combining Slavic, German, and Hungarian influences. For a long time, the Czech Republic was part of the Austrian and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And, according to various surveys, the Czechs still consider these times their golden age.
Continuing the culinary theme, it is necessary to mention the world-famous Czech beer. However, the combination of these two words: “Czech beer” speaks for itself, and it is unlikely that this national Czech drink needs additional advertising.
A wedding in Prague and even a few days spent in this wonderful city will allow you to get acquainted with its Jewish history. Now the Jewish Quarter – a place of pilgrimage for thousands and thousands of tourists.
Regarding the mystical side of Prague, it must be said that it was here that the great Jewish rabbi and Kabbalist Magaral lived. As we know from the legend, he – the one who created the artificial man – Golem, on the instructions of the Czech king and the German emperor.
And, of course, there are many millions of fans of the brilliant writer in the world – Franz Kafka. For them to hold a wedding in Prague – this is probably the dream of a lifetime.
As we have already said, a wedding in Prague – this is an occasion to get acquainted with unique places, and with the old European culture, and with the city, which today is among the ten most popular destinations on the European tourist map.
It is up to you to decide exactly where your wedding will take place in Prague, but if you choose this city, you will remember it forever and want to return to it more than once. 5. Issues under discussion A wedding in Prague, and, more broadly, painting abroad for Israelis and their foreign partners – this, unfortunately, today is the only possible solution for starting a family without a religious procedure.
A wedding in Prague, therefore, solves the problem associated with the absence of the very institution of civil marriage in our country.
For decades, our society has been having heated public discussions about the need for civil marriage. However, the notorious status quo and the direct dictates of the religious establishment and the political elite to the secular citizens of the country, how they should live, what to do and whom to marry, have existed for 74 years. In our country, it is only possible to register a mono-confessional religious marriage.
Wedding in Prague – this is an answer to those politicians whose mountain of promises did not even give birth to a mouse. On the eve of the next Israeli elections, it is useful to remember that not a single political party has resolved the issue of civil marriages, despite all the loud statements of both the current Prime Minister of Israel and the Minister of Finance in his government. Those who know will understand what and who they are talking about.
Having decided to hold their wedding in Prague, the partners can be firmly convinced that the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs will recognize their marriage certificate, and the wedding in Prague, the most beautiful city of Old Europe, will be the beginning of their new, long and happy family life. 6. Your dreams will come true with our help Weddings in Prague – is far from the only area in which our agency operates.
Many years of experience, the ability to understand the desires and requests of our clients, reliability and honesty – here are the rules that guide us in our professional activities.
Retrieval of any documents from anywhere in the world, assistance with obtaining a second, European citizenship for Israelis, legalization of documents and giving them the right of international circulation – here are some of the main directions in our work.
Weddings in Prague, in Georgia, in Cyprus, that is, foreign marriages for our fellow citizens – are becoming more and more popular. It is not superfluous to recall here that a wedding in Prague, for example, will cost a disproportionately smaller amount than a similar enterprise in the Promised Land.
Several hundred couples who got married with our help, including having gone through such a ceremony as a wedding in Prague, – the best characterization and evaluation of our work.
If future spouses do not want to lose extra money, nerves and strength, it is best for them to turn to experienced professionals who have well-established working connections and the ability to solve various organizational and legal issues.
Of no small importance is the fact that our agency will accompany the newlyweds and assist in obtaining, translating and legalizing documents for STUPRO.
These are not just words. People who have experience of communicating with the Israeli authorities, and, in particular, with the employees of Misrad HaPnim, I think, can confirm how important the help of competent professionals is in all bureaucratic intricacies.
the journey will forever remain in the hearts of two people as the most important milestone in their family life.
We see our task and, pardon the pathos, mission in helping people connect destinies, despite, frankly, the imperfection of our Israeli laws.
Therefore, the result of the whole work will be our common achievement with a future happy married couple in at the beginning of their joint life journey.
We only take on projects that we believe in ourselves!
You will succeed with us!

 Wedding in Prague entrust your dreams to us!

Wedding in Prague – simple and romantic Call 24/7 052-5696580 Consulting agency in Israel A.R.IMMIGREALTY

This information is not legal advice, and should not serve reason for taking any action. The Company is not responsible for any consequences of using this information. Accurate information for your particular case can only be obtained directly at the consultation.

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