Webb telescope generates too much data – scientists can't keep up

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 Webb telescope generates too much data – scientists can't keep up

In an MIT Technology Review report, astronomers say that although they are incredibly inspired by the achievements of a powerful telescope, it is still very difficult to work with because of the huge scale and volume of data that it collects.

“Once we went online, it was just non-stop. Every hour we watched a galaxy, an exoplanet, or star formation. Looks like a fire hose”,– says researcher Heidi Hummel, vice president of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy.
Some scientists are concerned that the telescope is sending so much data so fast. We are talking about 50 GB per day, while its predecessor, Hubble, generates one to two gigabytes. This led to the fact that the number of analyzes began to prevail over the quality.

Astronomer Emiliano Merlin from the University of Rome told MIT Tech that the first months were the most difficult. The astronomers were in a hurry to “publish something as soon as possible”, hastily analyzing the discoveries made by Webb. This led scientists to publish “tons” of unreviewed articles on the arXiv open access server. Critics fear that the headlines may be ahead of the scientific process.

“When you're dealing with something so new and unknown, everything has to be tested 10 or 100 times. Everything went wrong for us. Personally, I don't really like it”, – says Merlin.

James Webb has already made a huge number of discoveries, but scientists don't stop there. NASA is already working on a successor to Webb. The task of this project will be to search for life on planets similar to Earth.

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