Weather in Ukraine on the 24th of December: where to expect rain and snowstorms

Погода в Україні 24 грудня: де очікувати дощі та хуртовини

The weather forecast for today

24 December in Ukraine will determine weather the cyclone aílton, so you should be prepared for rain with sleet and fog. Detailed forecast for today read on Radio MAXIMUM.

December 24, Tuesday, in almost all regions of the country precipitation from rainfall to snowfall, and the temperature will begin to fall significantly. This warned forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page on the social network Facebook.

“Rains will be in the Western regions, where they can be strong, and in the Carpathian mountains with sleet and even snow storms, tourists beware!, also in the North of Ukraine, in the evening in the South and Central regions. Only the Eastern part of our territory would refrain from any significant precipitation, except the fog and drizzle. About the spring heat is gradually forget the temperature will begin to decline. While not very noticeable, however, on Tuesday we expect +4+8 degrees, in the South +7+12 degrees,” she added.

In Kiev on 24 December will also be humid with possible afternoon slight rain, and the air warms up to +6.

Weather forecast on December 24 cities of Ukraine:

Погода в Україні 24 грудня: де очікувати дощі та хуртовини

  • Uzhgorod +5+7
  • Lions +5+7
  • Chernivtsi +5+7
  • Ivano-Frankivsk +5+7
  • Ternopil +5+7
  • Exactly +6+8
  • Luck +5+7
  • Vinnitsa +7+9
  • Khmelnitsky +5+7
  • Zhitomir +6+8
  • Chernigov +5+7
  • Cherkassy +6+8
  • Nikolaev +9+11
  • Odessa +9+11
  • Kherson +9+11
  • Simferopol +9+11
  • Poltava +5+7
  • Sum +5+7
  • Kharkov +4+6
  • Dnepr +6+8
  • Zaporozhye +8+10
  • Donetsk +4+6
  • Lugansk +5+7

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