Weather in Ukraine on 28 February: Sunny and wet snow

Погода в Україні 28 лютого: сонячно і з мокрим снігом

Forecast for February 28

February 28, Ukraine will remain unstable weather, because some places still will be rain with sleet. Detailed forecast for today read on.

February 28, Friday, the wet weather will linger in the West and East of the country, and the temperature in these areas will drop a bit. This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page on the social network Facebook.

“The day the cyclone will leave our territory, the precipitation will reach for him in the North-East, only a slight moisture still retained in the Eastern regions and will apply to Sumy. However, a strong wind day will hold! The rest of the territory of Ukraine will prevail dry weather, even with the sun. However, already on Friday afternoon from the West will approach another portion of the precipitation in the West of Ukraine is expected sleet, in the Carpathians can be stronger. So, rain will be in the North and in the most Central regions and the South will be exempt from the moist clouds. The air temperature in Ukraine during the day of the 28th of February, will fluctuate within +3+8 degrees in Western regions will be colder, a maximum of only 0+4 degrees,” she added.

In Kiev on 28 February will be dominated by dry and Sunny weather with moderate winds and the temperature will keep at level +5.

Weather forecast for February 28 in the cities of Ukraine:

  • Погода в Україні 28 лютого: сонячно і з мокрим снігом

  • Uzhgorod +3+5
  • Lions +2+4
  • Chernivtsi +4+6
  • Ivano-Frankivsk +3+5
  • Ternopil +4+6
  • Exactly +3+5
  • A luck +3+5
  • Vinnitsa +4+6
  • Khmelnitsky +4+6
  • Zhitomir +3+5
  • Chernigov +4+6
  • Cherkassy +4+6
  • Nikolaev +7+9
  • Odessa +6+18
  • Kherson +7+9
  • Simferopol +7+9
  • Poltava +4+6
  • Amount +3+5
  • Kharkov +5+7
  • Dnepr +5+7
  • Zaporozhye +7+9
  • Donetsk +5+7
  • Lugansk +5+7

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