Weather in Ukraine on 26 February: warming and wind storm

Погода в Україні 26 лютого: потепління і штормовий вітер

Forecast for today

On February 26 in Ukraine will be another warming, however, still hold out the strong wind, and in some places will be precipitation. Detailed weather forecast for today read on.

February 26, Wednesday, in most areas of the country projected warming. This warned forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page on the social network Facebook.

“During the day in most regions of Ukraine will be +7+12 degrees, and on the South and West sometimes up to 14 degrees! A little fresher will be in Kharkiv, Sumy and, unusually, in Transcarpathia +4+7 degrees. Wind gusts up to 15-20 m/s, i.e., storm, Savvatii in the Eastern regions, in the South, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy and Poltava regions. The rest of the South-West wind promises to be moderate. Rains will be in the Western part, in the Carpathian mountains with sleet. Sometimes small are possible in the Northern part. However, the vast majority of the territory of Ukraine will belong to the dry weather,” the message reads.

In Kyiv on 26 February is expected cloudy weather with temperatures up to +8 and+10, with no precipitation.

The weather forecast for 26 February in cities of Ukraine:

Погода в Україні 26 лютого: потепління і штормовий вітер

  • Uzhgorod +9+11
  • Lions +7+9
  • Chernivtsi +12+14
  • Ivano-Frankivsk +8+10
  • Ternopil +8+10
  • Exactly +7+9
  • The luck +7+9
  • Vinnitsa +13+15
  • Khmelnitsky +9+11
  • Zhitomir +9+11
  • Chernigov +8+10
  • Cherkassy +10+12
  • Nikolaev +11+13
  • Odessa +10+12
  • Kherson +10+12
  • Simferopol +12+14
  • Poltava +9+11
  • Amount +8+10
  • Kharkov +7+11
  • Dnepr +10+12
  • Zaporozhye +10+12
  • Donetsk +8+10
  • Lugansk +7+11

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