Weather in Odessa: what is the surprise prepared for the nature of Baptism

Погода в Одессе: какой сюрприз приготовила природа на Крещение

On Epiphany, January 19, in Odessa and in the area warmer

This is reported in the Hydrometeorological center of the Black and Azov seas.

In Odessa, will be light rain. On the evening of 18 and 19 January. The night of January 19, for Region — 1-6 degrees below zero.

In Odessa — about -3. Day January 19 — will warm from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius in the Region. In Odessa — about 2-3 degrees Celsius.

According to the website Sinoptik on Baptism in Odessa is expected to zero temperature.

“Tonight will be the first clouds. Will rain”, -stated in the message.

On the morning of 19 January, is expected to -3, the afternoon will become warmer to +1. By the evening again colder ? to-3. It will not rain, and the sky a little will tighten clouds.

Погода в Одессе: какой сюрприз приготовила природа на Крещение

Earlier it was reported, on 19 January on the beaches of Odessa will be the traditional Epiphany bathing.

In order that the occasion was peaceful and fun, you must strictly adhere to the rules of conduct stay on the water and ice, reports a press-service gschs in Odessa region.

Now rescuers clearly define swimming areas, examine the bottom of ponds and take additional security measures.

In Odessa has equipped three points for swimming:

Погода в Одессе: какой сюрприз приготовила природа на Крещение

A terrible disease took the life of a famous Ukrainian musician, “a 10-pound tumor”

— “Luzanovka” (Hydropark “Luzanovka”, Nikolaevskaya Doroga str, 172);
— “Langeron”;
— Gold coast (16 St. B. Fountain).

At these beaches will be provided with a permanent presence of lifeguards and divers, the availability of means of rescue on water, communications and loudspeakers.

Погода в Одессе: какой сюрприз приготовила природа на Крещение

“Remember, you can’t dive into the water in our places and with unproven bottom. You can’t start Epiphany bathing without representatives of emergency services and medical workers and to leave the children unattended. You cannot dive into the water directly from ice. For group bathing, a number of people in the water should not exceed three people. Let the winter holidays will leave only bright and warm memories!”, — stated in the message.

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