Weather in Israel: winter returns

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 Weather in Israel: winter returns

This week, after a long period of warming, winter returns to Israel. In the middle of the week, a real winter is expected throughout the country, snow will fall on Mount Hermon. It will rain for three days from Monday to Wednesday. Rain on Thursday it will stop, but it will still be cold.

Fog is possible this morning on the coastal plain, in the lowlands and in the northern Negev. It will be cloudy all day, and in the north of the country it may drizzle. br />
Partly cloudy is expected tomorrow. It will rain in some places during the day, mainly in the north of the country. Rain is also possible in the Arava and Negev in the afternoon. Rain will intensify in the north at night and gradually spread to the center, accompanied by separate thunderstorms .

It will be rainy in the north of the country and in the center on Tuesday. Thunderstorms are expected , hail is possible.There is a serious risk of flooding for coastal and lowland towns.Mt. Hermon will experience significant cooling and heavy snowfall. windy, fog possible in the south. Hermon will continue to fall asleep with snow.

Partly cloudy and cold weather is expected on Thursday. The rain will stop in the morning. Floods will remain possible in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.

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