Weather in Israel: warm and dry

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 Weather in Israel: warm and dry

The weather will be pleasant and comfortable today, with a dry east wind blowing in the highlands. At the beginning of the week, another warming will occur with a strong east wind, which will be felt in the north and in the mountains, where it will create a feeling of coolness. It will be cloudy in the middle of the week, and it is possible that on Tuesday we will have a light drizzle. By the end of the next one, rains will probably resume .

Temperature forecast:
Jerusalem 14-21,
Tel Aviv 15-26,
Haifa 17-25,
Safed 14-19,
Katzrin 15-25,
Tiberias 14-27,
Nazareth 15-24,
Afula 13-27,
Beit Shean 14-27,
> Lod 15-28,
Ashdod 14-25,
Ein Gedi 21-28,
Beersheba 13-27,
Mitzpe Ramon 14-19,
Eilat 18-29.

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