Weather in Israel: slight warming expected

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 Weather in Israel: slightly warmer expected

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On Saturday in Israel the weather will be clear, partly cloudy, no rain expected. The air temperature will slightly rise and will correspond to the average seasonal indicators.

The wind in the morning on the Mediterranean coast and in most of the country is east and northeast, 15-20 kilometers per hour, in the Hadera region up to 30 kilometers in hour. During the day, the wind on the northern coast is 35-45 kilometers per hour, in some places up to 50 kilometers per hour. On the coastal plain, the wind is northwest 20-30 kilometers per hour, in the mountainous and inland regions the wind of different directions is 5-15 kilometers per hour. In Eilat, the wind is northerly and up to 30 kilometers per hour during the day. The height of the waves in the Mediterranean Sea is up to 1.0 meters.

Air temperature: Eilat – 25-14, Ashdod – 17-10, Beersheba – 18-8, Beit Shean – 20-9, Haifa – 14-12, Tiberias – 19-9, Jerusalem – 14-7, Lod – 20-10, Mitzpe Ramon – 14-10, to Nazareth – 18-9, Ein Gedi – 20-16, Afula – 17-8, Safed – 12-10, Katzrin – 17-9, Tel Aviv – Jaffa – 18-11 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday, February 19 – warming will continue

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