Weather for winter 2019 2020 forecast, which is winter in Ukraine

Погода на зиму 2019 – 2020: прогноз, яка буде зима в Україні

what will the weather be winter 2020

It is already known what will winter in Ukraine, 2020. Find out the forecast from the national forecaster Leonid Gorban for the winter: December, January and February.

According to the forecaster Leonid Gorban, in the first half of December the weather will be variable, but here already from 12 December will start a strong winter.

In early December will be below freezing and then slightly increases to +3…+4° for four to five days. From the 12th to the end of the first winter month the thermometer column will not rise above zero. However, the frosts are slight -4…-5°, -11…-12°. At the end of the month, from 24-25 December, the temperature can be -13…-15°”.

Погода на зиму 2019 – 2020: прогноз, яка буде зима в Україні

In the forecast, the forecaster notes that “the expected Winter cold“. Note that the entire January will be Morosani, and in February, frost will be even stronger and will reach up to -18…-20. For snow, he would go all the time, almost all winter. Note that long periods of thaw is not expected, at most a few days.

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