Weapons worth $ 1 billion and relations with the West: Lukashenko made a number of statements

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Weapons worth $ 1 billion and relations with the West: Lukashenko made a number of statements

Putin will arrive in Minsk on October 15.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday, September 12, attended military exercises at the training ground near Baranovichi. During the awarding ceremony of the servicemen participating in the Belarusian-Russian exercises Zapad-2021, he made a number of statements, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Golos.

Belarus will purchase weapons from the Russian Federation for more than $ 1 billion

Alexander Lukashenko said that at a recent meeting in the Kremlin with the Russian president, much attention was paid to the topic of defense and security, BelTa news agency reports. Belarus plans to purchase Russian weapons for more than $ 1 billion, discussions are underway on the supply of S-400 complexes to the republic. “Now the S-300 complexes have completely blocked the western direction of Belarus. But we have added a southern direction, ”the President noted.

Vladimir Putin's return visit to Belarus

The President of Belarus said that a visit to Minsk to the CIS summit. According to Lukashenka, this will happen around October 15.

Refusal to talk with the West until the sanctions are lifted

The Belarusian leader does not intend to talk with the West until the sanctions are lifted. “Until these brainless sanctions and humiliation of our people are lifted, we will not talk to them,” Lukashenka said. He also said that the President of the European Council Charles Michel asked Vladimir Putin to put pressure on Belarus in order to change policy. “This is undignified behavior,” the president said.

Impression of the West 2021 exercise

Lukashenko said that he was generally very impressed by the Zapad-2021 exercise. However, he noted that it was necessary to “look deeply”, to assess how accurately the shooting was performed. The Belarusian leader praised the servicemen from Russia and Kazakhstan. “Brilliantly! And the Kazakhstanis are great for coming. So what if there are not many of them. The spirit itself is important, “he stressed.

The absence of US and EU observers at the West 2021 exercise

The President of Belarus called the absence of US observers and the European Union “petty position of the West.” “We invited everyone who wanted to see these teachings. They weren't here, but they saw everything. The fact that they did not come on purpose is such a petty position, “he said.

New risks in the west of the Union State

Lukashenka announced the aggravation of the situation on the borders of the CSTO countries and the emergence of new risks and threats in the west of the Union States. “The first stage of the joint exercises“ West-2021 ″ is completed. This is one of the most important training activities for the armed forces, which is being carried out against the backdrop of the ongoing hybrid aggression from the West against Belarus and Russia, ”he said.

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