We start the year with Egged TikTak – all trips for only 10 shekels!

Start the year with

In honor of the new year, a unique smart transport service “Egged TikTak” announces a discount. Until 01/15/2022, the cost of all trips on TikTak minibuses running in Haifa and Jerusalem will be 10 shekels (instead of the previous 15 shekels during busy hours).

Egged TikTak service. allows passengers to book a ride using the app and navigate the city streets in modern, fast and convenient minibuses, taking into account the shortest route from the point of departure to the point of destination.

Dana Meir, CEO of Egged TikTak; : & ldquo; Our latest research has shown that passengers who use the service
become regular customers. They are happy with the ride and are returning to using the minibus again. The new promotion aims to expand the number of users
and take another step towards the revolution in the Egged smart transport system.

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