We must work together: Gal Gadot supported the Duke

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 We must work together: Gal Gadot supported Duke

Popular Israeli actress Gal Gadot took to Instagram on Sunday to express her support for President Yitzhak Herzog's speech in which he called on the Netanyahu government and the opposition to reach a compromise on a proposed judicial reform plan.

“In such a difficult time, when there is a lot of polarization and division around, it is important to hear voices calling for unity and teamwork. Calmly, attentively and harmoniously”, – she wrote. “The solution will come only if we work together”.

Actress known for her role in Wonder Woman” and previously commented on what is happening in Israel. In 2019, she supported Israeli model Rotem Sela, who chided the Likud for for his campaign rhetoric by declaring Israel a state of all its citizens. After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to Sela and noted that Israel was not really a “state of all its citizens” but a Jewish state, Gadot wrote that the question was not in politics, but in “tolerance".

“Love your neighbor as yourself”, – wrote Gadot. “This is not a matter of left wing or right wing, Jewish or Arabic, secular or religious. It is about dialogue in the name of peace, equality and our tolerance for each other.

During a visit to Israel that same year, Gadot stated that her decision to constantly emphasize her Israeli identity was partly a response to anti-Semitism .

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