“We are moving from a country of mixed cities to a mixed country”

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Head of Israel's General Security Service (SHABAK) Ronen Bar spoke at a security conference at Reichman University.

Bar said : “Political instability, growing political contradictions, the collapse of all the common denominators of society – all this together inspires the axis of evil, from terrorist organizations to individuals.”

Bar emphasized: “The most difficult challenge is the challenge within us, the deep division that has developed in Israeli society regarding its own image and the image of the state.”

Bar also pointed to incitement to terrorism as an effective tool of terrorist organizations: “Incitement affects the general population, and in this throws in A challenge to traditional information gathering work. Terrorist organizations have recognized the potential of “inspiring terrorism” All you have to do is work with your potential audience and convince them of your ideas.

Bar also talked about the far-reaching implications of Operation Wall Guard: Stan" may prove irreversible and bury integration efforts on both sides. On the other hand, the strengthening of restraining forces creates hope. He added: “Israel is changing from a country of mixed cities to a mixed country. This presents us with new difficult challenges that, against the backdrop of incitement, worsen the security threat”.

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