“We are in shock.” Upscale Tel Aviv restaurant closes due to protests

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The Mesa restaurant, which was considered one of the most expensive and prestigious restaurants in Israel, was unexpectedly closed. One of the staff: “The demonstrations in Ayalon and Azrieli are going on right on top of our heads, the driveways to the restaurant have been closed since they started blocking the roads twice a week.”

After more than 19 years of operation, one of the most prestigious and oldest restaurants in Israel, the Mesa restaurant, was suddenly closed. The restaurant was founded on Arbaa Street in Tel Aviv in the early 2000s by four partners (Mor Ashkenazi, Gabi Arbov, Itzik Hamel and Aviv Moshe) and became the first restaurant to open a million dollars – which was considered an astronomical investment in terms of of that time.

“We are all shocked,” one of the employees of the establishment said in an interview with Ynet. “Because of the protests, the demonstrators block all the roads, and gradually we began to fade away. Everything was fine until December, but since they started blocking the roads twice a week – due to interruptions and due to demonstrations – people simply could not get into this place. They didn't get into the bar and didn't get into the restaurant and the place is big so that's a problem. Demonstrations at Ayalon are right on top of our heads, every time there is a mess, even in the restaurant, here in the restaurant everything goes wrong. No one foresaw this, everything happened suddenly".

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