We analyze 10 tattoos of historical figures with Oops.Tattoo experts

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 Exploring 10 Tattoos of Historical Figures with Oops.Tattoo Experts

Do you think tattoos – trends that appeared relatively recently in our culture? Not at all. Renowned Tattoo Artist Felix from Oops.Tattoo Tattoo Studio in Haifa City will dispel your thoughts on this. During his time at the studio, Felix learned the “from” and “before” theme of historical figures and their tattoos.

Do you think there is nothing to surprise you? Then read the material below.

 Exploring 10 Tattoos of Historical Figures with Oops.Tattoo Experts

Thomas Edison
Tattoos would not be so popular in our time, if not for the invention of Thomas Edison. It was his invention – pen for copying various documents – became the impetus for the invention of the tattoo machine in the future. Naturally, Edison himself tried his invention on himself. A checkerboard pattern was drawn on his forearm.
George Orwell

Author of 1984 adorned himself with a tattoo. There were wonderful blue circles on the knuckles of the famous writer. These drawings were made by Orwell as a young policeman.

James Polk
The 11th President of the United States is famous for annexing Texas in 1845. At the same time, it was this famous figure who started the fashion for drawings of Chinese characters. The hieroglyph on Polk's body meant “thirsty.”

Teddy Roosevelt
We all know that Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. On his chest was a tattoo of the family crest. A little later, another indelible mark appeared on the President's body. During the election campaign, Roosevelt was assassinated. Fortunately, the bullet pierced the president's thick notebook, which was in his pocket. His campaign speech was recorded there. The bullet remained forever in Roosevelt's body. After all, getting it was less safe for him than leaving it. By the way, Teddy did not stop his speech, despite such danger.

Andrew Jackson
The seventeenth president of the United States became famous for his scandalous temper. This history knows not a single case when Jackson was the first to stop the war and smooth out conflicts. Perhaps his character and views were influenced by the tomahawk tattoos of historical figures on his leg.

Dorothy Parker
An American writer, Jewish by origin, she always had a very sharp mind and language. Many figures of the twentieth century fell under her caustic remarks. In 1930, Dorothy got into a very unpleasant story after drinking alcohol. To commemorate this incident, Parker got a star tattoo on her elbow.

Winston ChurchillIn 2012, the UK received the title of the most tattooed country. This applies to any age. This is logical, because the Prime Minister of Great Britain himself set such a trend. After all, even Churchill had something similar to body art: an anchor tattoo on his shoulder. Interestingly, even Winston's mother had a tattoo of a snake that curls around her wrist.

King Harold II
Tattoos have been popular since time immemorial. After being killed during the battle, the body of King Harold was identified only thanks to the tattoo of a famous person. In particular — his wife's name under his heart.

Prince Charles
The brothers William and Harry often shocked people with their behavior. Of course, because their father is also not far from his sons. In the 70s, during the service, Charles got a tattoo. True, no one knows exactly what it was and where it was. It is only known that he had to remove it before marrying Diana.

Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte

Jean-Baptiste is the famous founder of the Swedish dynasty. He began to build a career as a soldier. In 1818 he began to be called Karl XIV Johan – ruler of Sweden. And in 1844 he died. And during the embalming of the body, they found a tattoo written in French. It was translated as “death to kings”. As you can see, tattoo – not about fashion, but a lifestyle and a way to express your “I”. Don't be afraid to experiment with the style and size of the tattoo. In Oops.Tattoo, by the way, the masters conduct a free consultation before the session to discuss issues of concern and decide on the final sketch. Also, on the eve of the world day “Black Friday” in the studio you can get a 30% discount on all types of tattoos until the end of November. Main – listen to your heart and choose what you like in the tattoo world! Sign up for a free consultation: https://oops.tattoo/%d7%a6%d7%95%d7%a8-%d7%a7%d7%a9%d7%a8/

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