Waze CEO: “We had problems with accuracy”

 Waze CEO: “We had precision issues”

Waze CEO Guy Berkowitz admitted in an interview on Channel 12's final newscast that the $1 billion app was in serious trouble. Meanwhile, 140 million active users around the world have chosen Waze as their beacon of navigation. And then…

Many Israelis have begun to complain that over the past couple of years, Waze has become more like an additional tangled ball of thread. So if traffic jams used to be a problem, now Waze is helping those traffic jams as well.

Waze CEO says: “First of all, Waze isn't misleading, that's for sure. We are using the road system that exists in Israel and trying to make the most of it.
Corona has actually led us to some kind of emergency problem. This corona period over the past two years has changed every habit on the roads — all of our data history is no longer relevant. As soon as we got out of the “corona”, all statistics were reduced to zero. The time of arrival was calculated incorrectly because we were observing traffic in the light of historical data.

increased by 30% in some places. The situation has become unbearable”.

Indeed, no one hopes to remove traffic jams, but still many users claim that the application sent them to the wrong place, extended the time and misled them.

“Deception” always sounds with some negative connotation, as if someone is doing something on purpose.
I really think that the problem that existed before is solved with the latest updates that we released”, — answered Berkowitz.

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