Water with lemon: what to drink? The benefits and harms

Drinking water with lemon is not only delicious, but also turned out to be very useful. This will confirm anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle.

Вода з лимоном: для чого треба її пити? Користь і шкода

Before we begin to understand, note that it is not about lemonade, which is sold in the store. In fact, this drink – no good. Water with lemon is an all – natural beverage that helps heal the body, remove toxins and even cure some diseases.

So, what we should drink water with lemon – on items.

First, such water helps clear the body of toxins that have accumulated over many years of life, plus simultaneously improve the health of the digestive tract and kidneys. The secret is that the atomic composition of the drink is very similar to hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice and saliva, and therefore lemon water causes these bodies of new work. That is more smoothly and efficiently.

Second, water with natural lemon juice, good for our joints. This drink can reduce pain: in the joints, and lingering muscle pain.

Thirdly, water with lemon cleans the liver. Lemon juice to stimulate the liver to dump the toxins and water in addition it removes all these toxins through the excretory system.

Another reason to drink water with lemon is prevention of respiratory tract infections. It is known that the lemon helps the body to cope with infections of the upper respiratory tract, while sore throat and inflammation of the tonsils.

Water with lemon is also a potent antioxidant. This drink is simply necessary for normal metabolism, it protects the body from free radicals, strengthens the immune system and removes cholesterol. Thus, water with a whole lemon protects humans from premature aging.

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Lemon water, as a remedy for depression. Such properties lemon has due to the high content of potassium which together with sodium, is working to smooth the electrical signaling in the nervous system and the brain. Regular use of lemon in the water will protect from depression, anxiety, fear, and strengthen heart health.

In addition, water with lemon helps to clean blood vessels and normalize blood pressure.

And another bonus for girls: lemon water is helpful because it removes fat, gives the body tone and helps to reduce weight. All because the lemon has substances that break down fat.


In principle, drinking water with lemon is allowed to any person whose organism can tolerate this product without adverse health effects. That is, if the person is not allergic to lemon and does not suffer from stomach ulcers, you can quite easily drink this lemon water. Moreover, both adult and child.

Nutritionists advise to drink water with lemon early in the morning, before the man brushed my teeth and this is best done before Breakfast.

To prepare the lemon water is to squeeze half of a whole lemon and then dilute the juice in half a glass of water.

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