Water has a taste

 Water has a taste

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Your morning coffee doesn't taste good? Evening green tea leaves an unpleasant aftertaste? Are you struggling to learn how to drink enough water per day?

Maybe it's all about the taste and quality of the water! Try using the Aquaphor water filter and purifier. You will always have delicious water for drinking, cooking and brewing your favorite drinks!

Aquaphor presents two new models of water filter-jugs: Amethyst; and Onyx.

 Water has a taste

Pitchers are designed to filter and purify tap water, reduce the taste and odor of chlorine by at least 75%, and reduce harmful substances in water, including metals, organics, rust, phenols and more. Filtered water also helps protect household appliances such as coffee machines and kettles. The filter in the jug is designed to filter about 200 liters, it is recommended to change it once a month on average (depending on the quality of the water and the degree of use).

warning when it's time to change the filter. Pitchers

Aquaphor is produced in accordance with ISO 9001. For foreign kosher filter OK.

 Water has a taste

Onyx filter jug: 4.2 liter water jug ​​(2.9 liters of filtered water), transparent , round and elegant, with a white lid.

Amethyst filter jug: 2.8 liter jug ​​(1.3 liters of filtered water), transparent and elegant, with a blue lid. Convenient narrow jug and fits on the refrigerator door. An excellent choice for those who like to drink cold water.

Price: 230 NIS (including 10 spare filters. The cost of each filter is 29 NIS).

Available at https://aquaphor.com /he-il

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