Water found on Earth's satellite

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 Water found on Earth's satellite

Chinese spacecraft “Chanye-5” As part of the lunar exploration program, he discovered water samples on the Earth's satellite. Its presence in the lunar soil was confirmed by laboratory analysis.

“Chanye-5” arrived on the Moon in the Ocean of Storms zone in December 2020.

This zone is the “lunar sea”, which is a plain on the Earth's satellite covered with dark solidified lava. The researchers have collected the youngest lunar samples ever studied. For this, it was necessary to drill the soil. Shortly after sampling, the material was delivered to Earth using a special module.

National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) planetary scientist Li Chunlai said that spectral scanning of the surface and analysis of samples in laboratories confirm that on the Moon there is water.

For the first time in the world, the results of a laboratory analysis of lunar samples and spectral data from studies of the lunar surface were used together to study the presence, shape and amount of water in lunar samples.

found evidence that there are large reservoirs of water on the moon. They only show that the soil and rocks on the surface of the natural satellite contain few “water residues”; – hydroxyl, consisting of one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom, which is the base of water.

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